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Learn to accomplish your negotiating goals and still preserve business relationships.


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Duration of Course Access: 60 Days

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Introduction and Overview

Principles of Negotiation seeks to help you accomplish your negotiating goals while preserving your business relationship. Further, you will learn how to identify and exert power in a negotiation and identify behaviors that can challenge or stall a negotiation.

"Overall, a good review of negotiation principles. This is a great price for a one hour, online business training course. Normally, these types of courses are a lot more time and money." — Pete Y.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Define negotiation
  • Explain the differences between principled negotiation, distributive negotiation, integrative negotiation and mixed motive negotiation
  • Discuss what BATNA (Best Alternative to No Agreement) is and why it is important within the context of a negotiation
  • Describe the concepts of reservation price and ZOPA (Zone of Possible Agreement), as well as how they relate to one another in a negotiation
  • Describe the steps that should be taken to plan for a negotiation
  • Explain the ways that power can be used in a negotiation, and how power can be gained from different sources
  • Identify different behaviors which can pose challenges to a negotiation and may cause impasses

This course is self-paced and online. You will have access to this course for 60 days. Upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate of completion from One Hour Courses.

Target Audience: This course is designed for mid- and entry-level professionals, managers, and all those interested in negotiation.

Level/Prerequisites: Introductory/ No prerequisites

Estimated Time to Complete: 1 Hour

Successful Completion Requirement for IACET CEU: Learners must score an average test score of at least 70% to meet the minimum successful completion requirement and qualify to receive IACET CEU credit.



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