Time Management 101

$65.00 each


How many people can realistically relate to the age-old saying, "I have all the time in the world?” Not very many people can say this in today's world. So the question becomes, "How can I make more time?” or "How can I manage my time more efficiently so I can do the things I really want to do?” To answer this, it is important to ask, "What am I doing within the time I have?” The idea of time management really comes down to, not how we manage our time, but how we manage ourselves in the time we have. Time management is Self-management. Lesson 1 of this module provides the tools needed to structure ourselves in ways that save time. Such tools include goal setting, prioritizing, and putting the plans in place to ensure success. Lesson 2 addresses how to deal with day-to-day interruptions that seem to rob us of our time. By participating in this module you will gain a greater understanding of just how much power you possess to manage your time more efficiently.