Business Writing That Gets Results


A Writing Skills Workshop

This business writing skills seminar teaches participants how to write better business emails, letters and reports in less time than ever before. Learn easy written communication techniques to get better and faster responses to electronic and hard copy messages. 

Maximize Your Business Writing skills for Better Results

We teach easy to remember writing techniques to make your point quickly, clearly, with fewer words and get faster responses to your writing. You will be amazed at how quickly you receive responses to your e-mails, letters and proposals. 

"This training makes crafting effective business emails, letters, proposals and reports easy." -Jill Thompson, Elm Grove, IL

If you can answer yes to one or more of the following questions, you will benefit from attending this workshop.

  • Is the time you spend writing of concern to you?
  • Do you ever have a hard time just getting started?
  • Do you need to write more concisely and still be clear?
  • Do you tend to be too concise and come across as abrupt in your writing?
  • Would you like some techniques to use in writing to a diverse audience?

In the age of “Information Overload,” do you want to write emails, memos or letters that others will appreciate reading?

 This onsite seminar is not another “vanilla” writing course. Each seminar is tailored to the kind of writing participants do on the job. We make certain the topics covered meet the organization’s business writing objectives and learner’s needs. Participants get the benefit of individual and team writing exercises. They critique writing samples they have brought to class. Everyone will see a dramatic improvement in their writing skills even before the class is over. 

Who Should Attend

Executives, managers and all staff members who want others to read and respect what they have written.

Training Benefits

  • Fine-tune your writing to increase readability and your credibility
  • Reduce response time to your email and letters by over 50%
  • Find ways to jump-start your writing and overcome procrastination
  • Write more clearly, concisely and eliminate writing errors
  • Get hands-on experience in writing effective emails, letters or reports

Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • Break through writer’s block
  • Use your subject line to get the reader to open your letter or email
  • Identify how your reader wants to be communicated with
  • Write for your reader – not for yourself
  • Develop a conversational tone that encourages cooperation
  • Understand what questions the typical reader wants answered quickly
  • Use deadlines to get your reader to take action immediately
  • How to use bullets and headings to make your ideas stand out
  • Correct the most common grammar and punctuation errors
  • Identify common mechanical mistakes that your computer will not detect
  • Eliminate wordy phrases
  • Write clearly and concisely
  • Measure the readability level of your writing
  • Format emails/memos and letters for the readers of today
  • Avoid people emailing and calling you with more questions after receiving your message
  • Use short paragraphs so your email or letter is easier to read
  • Develop a tone that is conversational and encourages cooperation
  • Reduce the length of your email or letter and still get your point across
  • Use a simple format to organize all of your writing and save tons of time
  • Use simple words and short sentences to make fewer grammar mistakes
  • How to get your reader to take action much more quickly
  • Write a persuasive message that will get others to follow through with what you want
  • Turn a negative into a positive when responding to customer complaints


Writing skills are essential to success in today’s business world. Without training, good writing skills are often learned by trial and error or not learned at all. We recommend organizations make writing skills training available to employees at all levels. 

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