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Employers have a legal obligation to prevent sexual harassment and all forms of discriminatory harassment.

New Maryland State Sexual Harassment Law

 Maryland Harassment Regulations Effective October 2022

New Delaware State Sexual Harassment Training Law

Delaware Harassment Training Requirements Under DE Title 19

New Connecticut State Sexual Harassment Training Law 

View New CT Sexual Harassment Training Regs

New Requirements for the NY State and Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act  

Course Outline: NY & NYC Anti-Harassment Training Course

View NY and NYC Harassment Training Courses Compliance Requirements

New Illinois Requirements Workplace Transparency Act

Click here for: Illinois Workplace Transparency Act (WTA) Training Requirements

California Harassment/Discrimination Prevention Policy Requirements

Click here for:  CA Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Laws and Requirements

View California Harassment/Discrimination Prevention Policy Requirements


Recent Supreme Court decisions, EEOC Guidelines, and many state laws such as California’s AB 1825 with California: Government Code 12950.1 update, CA FEHA Harassment Training RequirementsConnecticut General Statute Section 46a-54-204 and Maine Revised Statute, Title 26, Section 807CA AB 2053 on “abusive conduct”  and the new law  CA SB 396 related to Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Individuals make it clear that employers need to go beyond simply having an anti-harassment policy. Employers need to ensure that management and supervisor sexual harassment training is provided. 

California Harassment/Discrimination Prevention Policy Requirements

Employers will also want to provide training to ensure every employee understands the organization's harassment policy. Discover why our training is so popular.

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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Training Video:

Learn how to prevent workplace harassment and build a defensible position against harassment claims.


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New developments in sexual harassment laws have placed increasing pressure on employers to take proactive approaches to ensure the workplace is free of harassment. Supreme Court decisions (such as Faragher v. City of Boca Raton) make it clear that training to prevent sexual harassment and how to take appropriate measures to protect victims of harassment is expected in the workplace. In order for an employer to have a defensible position if a harassment claim is filed, the employer must be able to demonstrate that employees have been trained and know exactly what sexual harassment is and what to do about harassment if they see it happening to them or anyone else. 

Managers and supervisors must be aware of management's responsibility to control sexual harassment and other forms of discriminatory workplace harassment.  Not only do managers need to know how to prevent workplace harassment, they must also know what to if they see harassment occur and what steps to take if harassment claims are made.

Our Sexual Harassment Training is tailored to your organization's harassment policy and state laws.


Our Instructor-Led and Online courses are customized to your organization's policy and meet the specific sexual harassment training requirements that apply to your company. These training requirements may include: 

  • California AB 1825

  • California AB 2053 

  • California SB 396: ‘Transgender,’ ‘Gender Nonconforming Individuals’
  • California Department of Fair Employment and Housing

  • Connecticut General Statute Section 46a-54-204

  • Maine Revised Statute, Title 26, Section 807

  • New York:  Anti-Harassment Law
  • New York City: Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act
  • Plus, all other state training requirements, and 

  • EEOC Sexual Harassment Training Guidelines


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