Preventing Sexual Harassment Webinar


Preventing Sexual Harassment, Discrimination & Retaliation Webinars

Our Preventing Sexual Harassment Webinar is designed for managers, supervisors and HR professionals. The webinar meets CA AB 1825 and CA AB 2053 Sexual Harassment Training Requirements. Everyone gains valuable up-to-date information from this 2-hour program.

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Harassment training webinar meets legal training requirements of CA , CT, ME, NY, NYC and all other state and EEOC training guidelines.


Note: Effective January 1, 2015, California employers are required to include an "abusive conduct" to sexual harassment training for supervisory employees. The new law, AB 2053, makes prevention of "abusive conduct" a required component of the sexual harassment training required under AB 1825.


Sexual Harassment Training Webinar 


Our Sexual Harassment Webinar is customized to your policies and the various state and Federal laws covering your employees.

Wherever people work together and share common interests, close personal relationships can develop. These close relationships can lead to workplace romances and breakups that can potentially lead to uncomfortable situations and inappropriate behavior.

Plus, other personal situations, conflicts, biases and perceptions between coworkers can create workplace difficulties and legal issues for many organizations and their HR departments. When sexual harassment takes place — whether it's purposeful or off-the-cuff — it's imperative that your organization is prepared to deal with the consequences.

Recent Supreme Court decisions and new state laws have made employers even more liable for the sexual harassment and other forms of workplace harassment of their employees.

For example, in California, if an employee files a complaint with the DFEH against a supervisor who has not been trained as required under AB 1825 or AB 2053, the employer’s defense will be substantially weakened resulting in much larger settlement costs than would have been necessary.

The court decisions have provided a road map of how employers can adequately protect themselves against harassment claims. That road map includes training managers and employees.

Federal and state court decisions and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Guidelines make it clear that every employer must have policies and procedures in place to prevent workplace harassment. But having a policy does not mean employees understand it or know what to do if they are being harassed or discriminated against in any manor. Again, court decisions and EEOC guidance make it clear employers must provide training to ensure every manager and employee understands the organization's harassment policy. Through employee training, employers show due diligence relative to controlling workplace harassment.



Learn how employers can create an affirmative defense against sexual harassment claims.  View this 4 Minute Video by Attorney Max Muller:

 Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Training Video 


The Alliance Sexual Harassment Prevention Webinar provides all the elements required to enable employers to successfully assert an affirmative defense to Sexual Harassment and other unlawful harassment claims.

Not only does the Alliance Workplace Harassment training meet the legal training requirements of CA, CT and all other state and EEOC’s training guidelines, this training reduces the chances of being hit with sexual harassment complaints in the first place.

With the information provided in this 2-hour webinar, your management and supervisory personnel will learn how to prevent, communicate about, and manage these difficult situations effectively — without disrupting productivity.

Employers beware: All sexual harassment training must meet the strict training requirements contained in the final AB 1825 and AB 2053 training regulations. These training requirements have been issued by the California Fair Employment & Housing Commission.


Alliance workplace harassment facilitators are qualified to conduct sexual harassment training under these regulations. In addition, our online harassment courses meet the online training requirements under the AB 1825 training regulations.


Who Should Attend

This training webinar prepares managers and supervisors to:

  • Utilize best practices for addressing sexual harassment scenarios with groups or individuals
  • Limit key elements of the Employer Liability as established by the courts
  • Recognize and verbalize what constitutes sexual harassment…and other forms of discriminatory harassment
  • Use discretion related to associating personal and professional lives on the Internet, email and social media


Training Benefits

  • Definitions of Quid Pro Quo and Hostile Work Environment Harassment 
  • Recognize the most common myths and misconceptions about workplace harassment
  • It's not just about sex anymore-hostile work environments based on protected classes other than sex 
  • Tips for identifying the four sexual harassment patterns and how to put a stop to them
  • Understand how “abusive conduct” and workplace bullying are defined and how to control it
  • Mistakes managers make that can create a hostile work environment in your workplace 
  • Practical guidance regarding the statutory provisions concerning the prevention and correction of sexual harassment 
  • Methods for employers to establish the Ellerth and Farragher affirmative defenses to harassment claims 
  • What you need to do in addition to having a policy to establish that you have exercised 
  • Available remedies to victims of sexual harassment in employment 
  • Practical examples aimed at instructing the prevention of harassment, discrimination and retaliation
  • Tips to avoid retaliation claims 
  • How to recognize the many faces of sexual harassment; you'll be surprised by who's actually guilty 
  • Tips for handling the harassment investigation 
  • Pass the Sexual Harassment Quiz every manager and supervisor should be able to ace


Preventing Sexual Harassment Webinar Outline

  • Overview of Importance of Training and Laws That Prohibit Harassment
    • Learning Objectives
    • Why Every Employee Should Care About Discriminatory Harassment
    • Why Training is Important 
  • Federal Laws that Prohibit Harassment
    • Understanding all Types of Discriminatory Harassment
    • State Law (in your location) that prohibits harassment
    • Discrimination versus Harassment
  • In-Depth Discussion of the Two Different Types of Harassment
    • Definition of Quid Pro Quo Harassment
    • Discussion of Who Can Engage in Quid Pro Quo Harassment
    • Examples and Discussion of Actual Cases
    • Definition of Hostile Work Environment Harassment
    • Discussion of How a Hostile Work Environment Can Be Created
    • Examples from Actual Cases
    • Requirement that Conduct be Severe and Pervasive
    • Discussion of Who Can Create a Hostile Work Environment
  • What about abusive conduct and bullying?
    • What the law says
    • Your responsibility to control abusive behaviors
    • What to do if it occurs
  • Recognizing Inappropriate Behavior
    • Verbal
    • Visual – including electronic
    • Physical
  • What Causes Workplace Harassment
    • Power
    • What about Workplace Romance?
    • Cautions
    • Actions to take
  • Liability
    • Employer
    • Personal
  • Creating a Defensible Position Against Claims of Harassment
    • Cases
    • Policy
    • Appropriate Action
  • Prohibition on Retaliation and Need for Confidentiality
    • Need for Confidentiality
    • Prohibition on Retaliation
    • What is Retaliation and How to Prevent It
    • Avoiding Costly Mistakes Commonly Made by Managers and Supervisors
  • Handling Harassment Complaints
    • Elements of the Investigation
    • HR’s Role 
    • Prompt Corrective Action
  • In-Depth Discussion of Company’s Anti-Harassment Policy (incorporated throughout the training)
  • The Quiz Every Manager and Supervisor Must Ace
  • Q&A Session
    • Immediately following the Webinar, the phone line will be opened up to conference participants who wish to submit questions to our speaker.


Alliance training sessions are taught by seasoned SME’s with years of experience in the field. They are master facilitators who understand how to apply adult learning principles in a highly interactive learning environment. They make the training relevant, practical and fun.

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Alliance Training Guarantee

  • Our sexual harassment training sessions are an exciting learning experience for employees that they will remember and incorporate into their workplace behavior – even for those who have had harassment training in the past
  • Our sessions go beyond sexual harassment prevention training and incorporate all types of unlawful harassment under both state and federal laws including harassment based on age, disability, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity and religion.
  • Our sexual harassment training is delivered using accelerated learning principles to make them more engaging, fun and interactive.
  • We incorporate experienced master facilitators, visual presentations, real-world case scenarios and interactive discussion so participants recognize how to apply the knowledge they have gained.



Suggestion: Go beyond just training supervisory personnel. Take advantage of our low cost training options to provide training for all employees and further reduce your potential liability against workplace harassment claims of all types.

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