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Learn how to enhance your virtual meetings to boost morale, productivity, and teamwork.

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Bring an end to nonproductive virtual meetings.

Learn easy steps to go from bored to engaged!


Avoid wasting time with ineffective online meetings. Keep your meeting participants actively involved by making online meetings efficient, effective, and more productive.

It is not about tricks, gimmicks, costly high-tech equipment, or software.

It is about using proven techniques that will make your virtual meetings work for you – and them. 



Who will benefit:

This session is designed for anyone who wants to avoid wasting time with ineffective online meetings. In this session, you will discover how you can make virtual meetings more valuable than many traditional face-to-face meetings.

Virtual meetings, when done right, are a great opportunity to build engagement, trust and candor between individual participants and teams.

You will learn the latest methods and little-known techniques you can apply immediately to maximize the usefulness of any virtual meeting.

This is not about tricks, software, or complicated approaches. The session provides a comprehensive list of simple do’s and don’ts you can apply immediately to get the most out of your next virtual meeting.

Whether you are an old hand at virtual meetings or just beginning, this session is for you.


Your Instructor: Richard Head

Richard is an accomplished management consultant, trainer, and presentation coach, and voiceover talent. He uses his experience to help executives, managers, and team leaders to present, facilitate, and lead more effectively.

Richard has consulted and conducted training sessions in the United States, Canada, and England for organizations such as: Defense Information Systems Agency (US Department of Defense), Federal Aviation Administration, General Dynamics, Boeing, Sprint, U.S. Air Force Airman Leadership School, Goddard Space Flight Center, Intertek, and Armstrong International. Click here to see Richard Head's bio.

Online meetings are here to stay as an indispensable business tool. Learning how to effectively use this valuable resource is a key competitive advantage for your business or organization. Remote workers can, however, sometimes feel that they’re “out of the loop,” or that they really miss the spontaneous interactions with their colleagues and co-workers. If left unaddressed, your employees’ discomfort with change and uncertainty can have disastrous consequences for your business.

Course Overview:

Pre-Meeting Essentials

    • Identify those people that truly need to be invited
    • Virtual meeting do’s and don’ts
    • Elements of a solid agenda that keep the meeting focused and productive
    • Meeting etiquette and participation requirements
    • Read-ahead materials

Facilitating a Productive Meeting

    • The importance of body language and enthusiasm on the part of the facilitator
    • Morale-boosting activities
    • Ensuring that everyone feels heard and valued
    • Essential roles—facilitator/moderator and scribe/note-taker
    • Understanding the difference between change (behaviors and visible effects) and transitions (emotions everyone brings to any change). If common transitions aren’t managed, change will fail.
    • Fostering personal connections among team members, the whole team or organization, and the meeting moderator
    • Creating participation activities for everyone
    • Assigning clear tasks and measures of performance for post-meeting activities

The “Human” Side of Remote Management and Leadership

    • Showing your investment in, and commitment to, your employees’ wellbeing
    • Getting to know how your people work best and how their personal styles affect productivity
    • Remembering the “small things” that make a huge difference
    • Follow-up activities that ensure your people know you care, not just about the business but about them as individuals.



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