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Use your trainers and our training materials for a substantial savings to your organization. Alliance Off-the-Shelf Training Packages are a new way for managers and educators to deliver high quality training faster... cheaper... and better. In the past, trainers had to either find the time to develop their own classroom or workshop materials or purchase expensive, inflexible training materials. With Alliance Off-the-Shelf Training Packages, all the work is done for you... and you can print-on-demand as many courses as you need... when you need them... and customize the content, if you choose.

Alliance's pre-written courses are separated into convenient packages available at amazing low prices when compared to the cost and time for in-house development. Included with each of these training courses is the rights to customize and edit the content in any way your like.

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Each course title in the Alliance suite of customizable Off-the-Shelf titles comes complete with additional teaching resources such as:

Student Workbook

Customizable. Can be opened in Word and you can make any change you like.

Instructor Guide

Customizable. Offers additional instructor information.

Ice Breakers & Activities

Customizable. Choose from a folder filled with activities to use in the classroom.


Customizable. Evaluate your participants prior to the training and gain valuable insight into their expectations, needs and current understanding of the subject matter.

Course Outline

Customizable. Detailed course outlines help you stay on track.

PowerPoint Slides

Customizable. We have even done your presentation slides for you.

Recommended Reading Lists

Customizable. Provide your students with a summary of additional materials on the subject matter.

Promotional Advertorial

Customizable. Advertise your training internally or externally with these detailed sell sheets.

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