WHATEVER! Conflict Management Series


Build Your Conflict Resolution Skills   

Learning to manage conflict will make you a stand-out and equip you to confidently tackle any work or personal. 


Three 90-minute sessions. Each session is a stand-alone course. Access each session for 90 days.


In these 90-minute recorded webinars, build your conflict resolution skills to maintain a healthy work environment by identifying what conflict is, understanding your conflict style and the behavior of others, and learning conflict management strategies to diffuse the tense situations and handle difficult conversations. Each session covers a specific aspect of conflict management. Each session is a course in itself. Attend one, two or all three sessions to meet your needs in developing your conflict resolution skills. 


Session 1: Managing BehaviorLearn why what you are doing doesn’t work and what to do about it.

Work doesn’t cause conflict, it’s the people. Why do we keep doing things that we know aren’t going to work? This session explores this question and answers to better equip you to handle any conflict.

Build your conflict resolution skills with this popular webinar session. (90 day access.)

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 Session 2: Managing Strategy: Conflict X’s and O’s: head to the top of the press box.

In football, a coach is positioned on top of the press box to get a different perspective of the game. This is exactly what we are going to do, except with conversational X’s and O’s. Once you know what you are looking for, the tension goes down but your relational success rate goes up. (90 day access.)


Session 3: Managing the Conversation: Worried about saying the wrong thing? You won’t be after this session.

In session 3, you learn what, when, and how to say it. Participants will learn step by step how to approach and analyze a difficult conversation then learn a simple structure of how to respond successfully. It’s remarkable what learning this simple structure will do. (90 day access.)


Your facilitator:
 Amanda Box is an Alliance Training Senior Facilitator with over 25 years of experience speaking and consulting on conflict management. (Click to see Amanda Box’s bio.)


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