Team Building in a Virtual World Webinars


Virtual team building webinars develop skills and proven solutions to help remote teams work together as a unit, improve team communication and increase team productivity.


Expert facilitators bring the best practices, strategies, tips and techniques form their onsite instructor-led session into the virtual training environment. We utilize the latest technologies such as Zoom, WebEx, chat room features and more to create the highly interactive training sessions.

Our tailored webinar sessions are designed to incorporate your specific team building challenges into consideration. Our webinars cover the full range of topics from basic team building to recovering from team reorganization, to re-energizing a dysfunctional team.

Let us create the perfect team building webinar for your team. Any of our standard webinars can be tailored to meet specific issues your team is facing. Typical challenges include:

♦ Communicating as a Team  ♦ Collaborating as a Team  ♦ Decision-Making and Problem Solving for Teams  ♦ Connecting as a Team  ♦ Coaching the Team  ♦ Generational Mixed and Multi-Cultural Teams  ♦ Team Motivation ♦ 

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Team Building Webinars for Team Leaders Include:


Team Building

Effective teams produce first-rate results. High-performing teams exhibit accountability, purpose, cohesiveness, and collaboration. This webinar is for managers or anyone interested in leading teams. We addresses the key issues surrounding leadership in a team environment and the step--by-step process of team building, Participants learn strategies and techniques to effectively manage the special and unique circumstances where responsibility, accountability, communication, and leadership are shared.

Leading Effective Virtual Teams - Webinar

Learn specific strategies and techniques team leaders use to make virtual or remote teams more effective and successful. In this interactive webinar you’ll learn how to develop and lead effective teams of people working remotely. Effective use of technology is critical but so is strong leadership skills to communicate, plan, solving problems, coach and manage conflicts between people electronically.

How to Manage and Motivate a Team

Develop team leader skills to motivate the team achieve goals and meet deadline. This webinar helps you understand team dynamics and coach team efforts to consistently achieve goals.You learn how to motivate people, delegate team responsibilities and communicate effectively with your team and avoid the mistakes that so many team leaders make!

Team Building Webinar for Team Members:

Fast-Track Team Building for Virtual Teams Webinar

Get team members on track! Designed to help virtual team members be great team players for better team results.The webinar focuses on the critical skills for a high-performance virtual team:
Communicating as a Team, Collaborating as a Team, Connecting as a Team and Coaching the Team. This can be especially hard when teams are suddenly separated from an onsite location to an individually located environment. Current events that may be impacting team productivity, this course is tailored to target the specific needs of the team. As a result, the duration of this webinar training session can be scheduled in 90-minute time-blocks. This training can be tailored to cover a multitude of issues and be delivered in one, two or three 90-minute sessions.


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