Executive and Career Coaching Services


Professional Coaching builds awareness that triggers change.

Today's leaders understand the importance of continuous development for both themselves and their team. The Alliance Executive Coaching Service is a confidential process designed to increase your ability to influence others and be more effective as a leader. Your Executive Coach will challenge you to evaluate your current behaviors and actions and identity effective paths to increase your ability to achieve career goals and overall success.

Our Executive Coaches provide a resource of decades of practical know-how to develop skills for:

  • Executive Development
  • Leadership Skills Development
  • Communication Enhancement – interpersonal, written and/or public speaking
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Change Management
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Management Effectiveness
  • Short and Long term Career Development
  • And more

Business and Professional Development Coaching for All Levels

From newly appointed Managers to Senior Executives, our coaches are experts at helping you develop new approaches and skills – and achieve better results faster than you ever imagined.

Using proven leadership development methods, our coaching services utilize:

  • Highly skilled and certified coaches
  • Proven assessment tools
  • A confidential, safe approach to grow as a leader

All coaching services are provided in an environment to both challenge and support you in achieving your goals.

For more information, please contact us tool free at 877-385-5515

Individual Professional and Career Development Coaching

Individual coaching provides one-to-one custom leadership development services for managers and executives at all levels.

Each coaching session is designed specifically to help you move beyond personal or professional obstacles and develop new interpersonal leader and manager skills.

The One-To-One Coaching Model: (In-Person and/or Phone)
  • Initial session with you and your coach (typically 1 to 2 hours)
  • Clarify specific areas for development, establish agreements and commitments
  • Assessments are utilized as needed. (All assessments are available in different formats. In consultation with your coach, the best assessment tool to meet your need can be determined.) Assessment include:
    • 360 Feedback Assessments – various formats
    • DiSC® – various formats
    • MBTI – various formats
    • And others
      (When assessments are used, your assessment report will be provided with your coach’s analysis and debrief)
  • Address and discuss roadblocks to growth and change.
  • A strategic action plan is developed for your personal/professional development.
  • Action plan is implemented and progress is assessed on achieving desired results.
  • Follow-up coaching and feedback is provided on a scheduled basis.
    • Progress is assessed.
    • When assessments are used, post program assessments are often valuable tools document progress.
  • Conclude coaching engagement with a summary of program success.
  • Development Areas include:
    • Executive development
    • Leadership skills development
    • Communication enhancement – interpersonal, written and/or public speaking
    • Sensitivity coaching
    • Cultural awareness
    • Change management
    • Interpersonal skills
    • Management Effectiveness
    • Short or long term Career Development
    • And more


Executive Coaching Fees:

Our fees are based several factors such as the nature of the coaching, assessments used, and the duration of the program. We will be glad to provide pricing based on your needs.