Write It So They Read It:

Technical Writing for Non-Technical Employees


 Improve technical writing skills with this 90-minute recorded webinar. 




During this highly interactive virtual class, participants will learn to produce and practice preparing technical documentation in a reader-focused error-free manner through a discussion of these technical writing tenets:

♦ A proven technique for writing crystal-clear reports, including good and bad examples

♦ How to describe a complicated subject in clear and concise terms

♦ What to do when you can’t avoid using technical jargon

♦ How to eliminate clichés, wasted words, and “smothered verbs” in technical writing

♦ AUDIENCE FAVORITE: The five new guidelines for using bulleted lists in your message

♦ Language guidelines for better receptivity such as non-inflammatory language, gender-neutral references, and attention to tone

♦ How to distinguish among the prewriting, writing, and rewriting phases for reports and projects

♦ How to make sure technical documents with your firm’s name and seal on them are absolutely error free




90-minute course — 24/7 access

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CEU Credits available with this course.

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“The quality of your writing directly reflects the quality of your work.”


Who will benefit:

Human resources professionals, engineers, knowledge professionals, SMEs, administrative support staff, employees being asked to do more writing on the job than expected, training specialists, learning and development specialists


Your Instructor: Mandi Stanley

With more than 26 years’ experience, Certified Speaking Professional Mandi Stanley works with business and governmental leaders who want to boost their professional presence by becoming better speakers and writers. She has traveled throughout North America presenting technical writing intensives, entertaining and educating more than 75,000 participants. She began her technical writing career as a proposal writing specialist for a healthcare firm and parlayed that experience into writing and developing the methodologies for five writing workshops. Audiences appreciate her platform enthusiasm, interactive style, and content-rich messages. (View Mandi Stanley's bio.)


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