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Leant to Manage the Predictable Dynamics of Change

Onsite Training, Online Courses and Webinars Develop Your Change Management Skills 

Change Management Training seminars, workshops and webinars train managers and supervisors the skills for leading the change process. Managers learn skills and techniques to guide employees to quickly adapt to change so the entire organization can adjust faster and become more flexible. Managing the change process effectively enables the organization to better meet customer demands, answer the challenges of increasing competition, and meet the needs of a diverse marketplace.

Learn the processes, strategies and techniques leading change experts use to help employees quickly adapt to change.

These courses identify clear strategies to effectively manage and respond to changing situations. Our expert trainers provide guidance on how to conduct successful change management conversations with team members to achieve the required outcomes.

The change management information provided in our workshops is delivered by change experts who are also master facilitators.

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These Change Management Training Workshops and Webinars will help if these points sound familiar:

  • Do you or your employees feel “blindsided” by change?
  • Do employees display resistance to change?
  • Do employees mistrust or fear the changes that are coming?
  • Do employees feel their skills are not good enough or are the right kind to implement the change?
  • Is productivity being impacted due to rapid changes in the workplace?



Our change management courses help managers:

  • Implement change management best practices
  • Take charge of the change process
  • Implement change without major losses in productivity or performance
  • Learn how to help employees by focusing their efforts on what they can control
  • Use a step-by-step guide for adapting to and implementing change
  • Learn specific actions to support, guide and encourage others to adapt to change more effectively



Sometimes change is demanded because of new work processes, mergers, downsizing and rapid growth. Plus, in today’s economy, conditions change so rapidly that companies are forced to change their business practices often just to remain competitive.


Organizations need leaders who understand how to make change work.


Our Change Management Training Workshops and Webinars train managers how to:

  • Involve employees in the change process
  • Minimize resistance to change and maximize commitment
  • Open communication channels and foster trust during the change process
  • Create a culture that embraces change as the norm
  • Challenge, motivate and engage employees in new processes and performance levels


Learn why change management projects often fail and how to fix it.


Studies indicate that when change management projects failed, it was due to a lack of commitment. Typically, there was a failure to maintain commitment from all levels of personnel long enough to support the life of the change project and competing projects took over. Alliance's Change Management Training is designed to increase the success of your organization's change process. We have mastered the process of tailoring our programs to your specific situation and maximize training effectiveness.


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