Leadership Through Change


Onsite training teaches managers essential skills needed to facilitate and lead the change process.


A proven solution to help managers become strong & capable change leaders. 

Leading change involves more than simply reducing resistance. This course is a proven solution to help managers become strong and capable change leaders. It provides the knowledge, tools and skills needed to create widespread commitment and manage the details of any change initiative, large or small.

To prepare your people for change, prepare your managers to lead the process of change.

The change leadership models and practical application techniques provided in this workshop can be applied immediately in your organization. Through interactive discussion, cases and practice exercises, managers learn how to better deal with resistance to change, how to implement the change management process, create awareness, provide direction and effectively overcome the barriers to change.


This training is for you if your managers must:

  • Help staff deal with rapid change
  • Overcome resistance to change
  • Manage employees who have seen past changes that did not go very well
  • Supervise staff who may mistrust the change because of mergers, downsizing or rapid growth
  • Make changes required by new technology
  • Initiate changes brought about by new production processes and standards


Training Benefits

  • Increase skills to successfully manage people in an environment of change
  • Develop the working knowledge to recognize the effects of change on the individual and within the organization
  • Improve the understanding of why people resist change
  • Increase the ability and confidence to help individuals and organizations overcome the resistance to change
  • Refine the ability to plan for and implement change more successfully
  • Achieve an understanding of how to structure communications to facilitate change


Overview of Training Topics and Learning Points Delivered

  • Understand how to deal with the emotional impacts of change
  • Learn how to create the vision and communicate the change it supports
  • Determine how to be a role model and catalyst for change in your organization
  • Attain the skills to better understand the 'Change Cycle' and its effect on employees
  • Learn how to apply the stages of change in anticipating people’s responses and reactions
  • Become more proactive in successfully effecting change
  • Understand how to reduce defensiveness and ease people’s fear of change through improved communication skills and strategies
  • Learn how to identify and manage the appropriate rate of change
  • Understand the influence of the three most common interpersonal roles during change: Change Leader, Change Agent and Change Target
  • Know how to positively manage conflict in the workplace during change
  • Optimize the ability of how to coach and counsel employees through the change process
  • Learn how to respond to complex and unpredictable changes


Who Should Attend

Executives, managers, supervisors and lead line personnel who want to excel in their effectiveness in implementing and managing change. This program improves the leadership competencies to facilitate, coach, communicate vision and gain commitment.


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