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Learn Leadership Skills to Lead, Motivate and Inspire Teams to Improve Performance and Results

Get your leadership team on the same page and moving in the same direction with this two-day leadership training and developmental experience. No "cookie-cutter" training approaches here. This training session is a unique leadership developmental experience that re-energizes and refocuses your entire leadership team. Developed by Dr. Ralph Johnson, the program is designed to develop leadership synergy at all levels and is customized to focus on your current workplace issues.

This training is not hypothetical. This workshop program is real business. It is about your organization. It is about the culture and business climate you are working with. It is about your leadership team learning how to lead and act more strategically. Participants learn leadership skills to gain acceptance of strategies and how to execute those strategies to achieve desired business results.

This highly interactive workshop program provides executives and managers with a realistic and supportive learning environment. Participants learn how to lead and influence within the context of your organization.

Learn how to lead and influence within the context of your organization.

This workshop is especially valuable to organizations wanting to implement new strategic plans and initiatives, turn-around situations, mergers and those organizations going through rapid change. 

Do any of these leadership challenges sound familiar?

  • The pace of change has leaders moving in different directions with differing agendas and priorities
  • Some of your leaders misjudge how people will respond to certain organizational initiatives resulting in poor performance
  • Some leaders do not utilize different leadership styles to motivate different people and in the process de-motivate many
  • Are some leaders not tailoring their approach to the real situation at hand
  • Some leaders seem to give “lip” service to strategic plans but fail to follow through effectively
  • Some leaders find it difficult to create high levels of engagement from their staff
  • There needs to be more cohesiveness and synergy among the leadership team

Then this program is for you.


This leadership workshop is designed to:

  • Develop leadership synergy at all levels creating a focused initiative to achieve corporate goals
  • Communicate a unified message and direction throughout the organization
  • Develop a leadership staff that can flex to the needs of the situation while maintaining focus on the strategic plan
  • Maximize the effectiveness of interactions and communication of your mission and vision
  • Identify potential roadblocks and create solutions to achieve the strategic plan
  • Build working relationships with the leadership staff
  • Inspire action and commitment to achieve organizational success

Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed for people considered to be members of the organization's leadership team. It benefits organizations wanting to develop a leadership staff that incorporates strong working relationships and commitment to the strategic plan moving the entire organization to higher levels of success.

Training Benefits

  • Develop an assessment of individual leadership styles
  • Develop an understanding of the value of all styles
  • Develop a plan to maximize the effectiveness of individual styles
  • Confirm or redefine the organization's mission, vision, and goals
  • Develop a working understanding of the organization's values
  • Set a congruent direction for the entire leadership team
  • Develop a consensus of how issues and conflict will be resolved
  • Develop a plan to work together
  • Develop a clear success plan for staff
  • Define clear measures for success
  • Establish a follow-up process to ensure the plan stays on track



Overview of Training Topics and Learning Points

  • Capture the heart of leadership
  • Develop open communication
  • Create partnerships
  • Drive learning
  • Emancipate action



Creative Leadership Course Outline

Day One

  • Set ground rules for interaction
  • Develop mutual understanding of the mission statement
  • Develop organization values
  • Identify individual work styles
  • Define strengths and weaknesses of professional styles
  • Define how the styles can best work together
  • Define a plan for developing consensus
  • "Where to start" exercise
  • Identify consensus on areas in need of change relative to:
    • Mission
    • Vision
    • Goals
  • Leaders individually define objectives
  • Individual objectives are shared with group
  • Develop collective agreements
  • NASA Team exercise
  • Leadership team guidelines defined

Day Two

  • Identify potential areas of leadership conflict
  • Prepare for emotional rough spots
    • Tension
    • Anger
    • Frustration
    • Competing Commitments
  • Identify acceptable options for resolving conflict
  • Negotiation strategies
  • Define a plan to achieve harmony
  • Do a SWOT analysis
  • Identify areas of synergy within the team plan
  • Identify obstacles to plan
  • Prepare plan implementation
  • Define how to measure success
  • Develop follow-up plans
  • Program culmination - "Bringing it all together"
    • Win-All-You-Can-Win - An Exercise They Will Never Forget!
    • We all win big only when we all win!


This program was developed after having over twenty years of hands-on leadership training. Using only proven approaches, this program guides participants to develop world-class solutions to their real world problems.

We call it "Real-Time" Leadership Training. You will develop the keys to unlock your leadership potential.


Your facilitator is specially chosen to help you deal with the challenges you face. Not only are they experts in leadership skills, they have a track record of proven success. You will be learning from an expert. Your trainer is also a "Master Facilitator" who will make you think and bring out the best in you. You will be amazed at the possibilities you will create. Prepare for the entire management team to be informed, inspired and energized to top leadership potential.

This is not a seminar - This is a developmental experience!

By the end of this program, your entire leadership team will have:

  • An assessment of their leadership style
  • A new and clear understanding of the styles and the group dynamics of the leadership team
  • A mutually agreed upon process to:
    • Resolve issues
    • Deal with conflict
  • A consensus on specific direction for the leadership team
  • A congruent direction for individual leaders
  • An understanding of the best way to achieve that direction
  • A clear path for staff / team
  • A functional plan to motivate staff / team
  • Success measures for staff / team
  • A specific plan to follow-up and stay on track

This leadership program is:

  • Based on Real-Time Scenarios - You will be working on what is going on right now within your organization
  • Creates Synergy for Your Leadership Team - You will be dealing with the real beliefs, actions, and interactions as they exist now as you work though real problems
  • Future-Focused - You will be creating direction to achieve organizational goals, mission, and vision
  • Creates Tangible Results - You will leave with specific plans of action everyone can relate to and be passionate about achieving

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This program provides managers with a realistic and supportive business environment for learning how they lead and influence within the context of an organization.

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