Professional Background

Steve Parkins is a 20-year veteran of global sales & marketing, leadership and communications training. He has lived in Asia and Europe and worked in over 40 nations on six continents, bringing a unique international awareness to his training.

He has conducted direct sales to C-level executives in over 2000 organizations around the globe and has trained hundreds of others in the arts and sciences of direct sales, leadership and communications.

His extensive experience in selling to C-level executives in virtually every industry provides clients a senior level, dynamic, energetic, humorous and worldly training consultant with broad commercial awareness and executive presence.



Steve’s training experience began over 20 years ago as a US Army Captain in Korea and Germany, where he received formal Army training in instructorship and was the training officer for his units. He moved into the private sector as a Regional Sales Manager for a NYSE company, selling real estate products to a European-based market. Based in Stuttgart, Germany, he recruited, hired, trained and managed an international mix of 60 direct sales people.

Steve moved into media sales and began to perform globally – selling directly to the CEOs and Presidents of the Global 5000, from Manila to Stockholm, Hong Kong to Madrid, Dubai to Johannesburg, and 40 nations in between. He acted as the global sales director and hired, trained and managed remote teams on six continents.

From within companies, he has been training people on a global scale in sales, leadership and communications skills for over two decades and began ‘outsourcing’ his training skills two years ago. He continues to advise media organizations on selling, business development and marketing.

His training is from the heart and is the result of millions of valuable moments of real world, multi-cultural experiences in the most comprehensive collection of sectors of the global economy, from banking and finance to IT and telco, from pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals to automotive and machinery, from infrastructure and tourism to fashion and retail.

Steve continues to consult companies on selling, marketing and managing global sales teams while providing formal corporate sales, leadership and communications training.



Bachelors in Advertising and Communications

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