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Unfortunately, the workplace is not as safe as it once was. Unexpected events can have devastating effects that threaten the security and personal safety of the company and its employees.

According to OSHA, every day in the workplace:

  • 16,400 physical threats are made and 723 workers are attacked
  • One of four full-time workers are harassed or feel threatened at work
  • It is estimated workplace violence costs American businesses an estimated $36 billion annually

Employers must take a proactive approach to be prepared if these unfortunate events occur. There are often signposts — clues — that point toward potential violence in the workplace, if only we know where to look. With proper training, employees can learn to spot those clues and forestall violent acts.

Our onsite Security, Workplace Violence & Personal Safety Seminars, Workshops, Webinars & Keynotes develop the Safety Awareness Mindset your employees need.


Create a Safety Awareness Mindset


Our courses are designed for employees of both public and private-sector organizations. These seminars and workshops will help you:

  • Identify common clues that point toward potential violence in the workplace or safety threats
  • How to be more aware of potential threats
  • How to forestall or control potential hostility
  • How to respond effectively in the event of a threatening situation

Our Security, Workplace Violence & Personal Safety Training:

  • Reduces the risk of physical harm to employees
  • Ensures consistency with legal standards and expert workplace best practices
  • Protects your company’s reputation
  • Helps you proactively identify potential risks and costly problems
  • Reduces costs associated with investigating and managing incidents
  • Reduces legal exposure and litigation costs
  • Reduces interruption of business due to incidents


A Tailored Workplace Violence & Personal Safety Training Solution


We know a one-size-fits-all training program does not meet the needs of everyone, so we’ve structured our courses to meet the scheduling, budgetary, and operational needs of your agency. We serve healthcare, retail, manufacturing and corporate office environments. We are available to train any type of organization at your request.

All onsite security training courses are highly interactive with all activities designed around adult learning principles.

The interactive exercises, cases, discussions and practice sessions used in the training are tailored to your organization and the learner’s level of experience. We make the learning experience “real world” to ensure learner engagement. Our goal is to maximize the transfer of learning from the classroom to real-world application.

Organizations need to find a process that allows security professionals to maintain a positive environment. At the same time, they must limit access to personal information without effecting service or productivity. Alliance has the subject matter experts available to develop a program based on your current situation and deliver the training in a positive manner.

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