The Confident Security Professional


Others are counting on you to keep them protected and safe from any possible threat, harm, or danger. Are you sure you are prepared?

The Confident Security Professional is a training program developed by a former police officer and is designed for security professionals who recognize they are in a position with greater responsibility than ever before. This essential skill building program specifically addresses the need of security accuracy, uniformity, proficiency and professionalism desired in every organization, company or institution in operation.

With the heightened sense surrounding security, many companies realize the integral part security professionals can play in the overall success of their organization, corporate or otherwise. With our training program, your security professionals will receive hands-on instruction in static guarding that will allow them and your company to be better prepared to handle today’s potential security threats.

To ensure the best in detection and prevention possible, your security professionals need to be equipped with the security essentials that will enable them to become confident and efficient in carrying out his/her responsibilities of authority, protection and care. By implementing these crucial skills throughout your security department, you experience less stress concerning the competency and credibility of your security staff, which decreases critical public opinion, unwelcome media attention, civil liabilities and other litigation cost surrounding the use of force and public safety. In addition, it will lessen employee turnover, physical injuries and issues concerning morale, teamwork and productivity.

Because the role and responsibilities of security professionals have increased and because the risk of vulnerability has intensified, Alliance Training and Consulting, Inc. is committed to providing quality instruction giving you peace of mind that your security professionals are adequately prepared. Our training helps ensure that property and people are protected, and that people are served with the greatest of skill, tact and diplomacy.


Who Should Attend 

Dedicated security professionals who understand that confidence and preparedness is the greatest tool of defense in any environment.


Training Benefits

  • Understand the elements that threaten security in the workplace
  • Attain the ability to protect your organization without personal vulnerability
  • Avoid the communication pitfalls that provoke conflict
  • Improved report writing skills
  • Successfully handle critical incidents without taking it personal
  • Recognize the warning signs that go beyond physical appearance
  • Understanding the basics of criminal justice and public safety issues
  • Respond as a security professional with presence and confidence
  • Gain emotional stress management skills that eliminate negative reactions


Overview of Training Topics and Learning Points

  • Safe proofing your environment
  • Basic understanding of civil and criminal law
  • Principles of report writing
  • Emergency response
  • Search and seizure laws
  • Productive communication
  • Conflict management skills
  • Customer care
  • Emotional-stress management


During this two-day program, personal profile skill assessment exercises will take place. Each participant will be given a final written comprehension assessment at the end of day two.

The sponsoring organization, company or institute can, upon request, receive a confidential instructor’s overview of each program participant and the final result of their written assessment paper seven working days from the date of program completion.


Your members or employees would enjoy and benefit from any of our safety and security programs.

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