Workplace Active Shooter & Intruder Response Training


Learn how to respond in an active shooter or violent intruder in the workplace.


  • Develop strategies and techniques respond to a violent intruder.

  • Recognize behavioral pre-cursors to threatening and potentially violent incidents


This 4-hour course provides management, front-line employees, human resource personnel and security personnel with strategies and techniques they need to recognize and respond to the violent intruder.

Prepare in advance to prevent or mitigate the impact of and active shooter event.

Workplace Active Shooter Response Training





This Intruder and Active Shooter Response course provides participant with skills and techniques to recognize behavioral pre-cursors to threatening and potentially violent incidents. Through interactive discussion, case scenarios and experiential exercises, participants discover and practice techniques to respond effectively in workplace intruder and active shooter situations.

Participants will learn to:

  • Recognize the frequency of incidents of intruder related violence in the workplace
  • Identify and recognize risk factors that are inherent to the workplace
  • Recognize on-duty law enforcement capabilities/limitations in responding to these types of incidents
  • Understand and accept that the violent intruder event will most likely be over PRIOR to law enforcement arrival or as the intruder becomes aware of law
  • enforcement presence
  • OSHA’s General Duty Clause and its applicability to active shooter preparedness
  • Understanding the importance of awareness, education and training for front line personnel
  • Attacker/Intruder goals and motivations
  • Understand and implement principles of LOCKDOWN – “preventing access” vs. “delayed egress” in the workplace
  • Understand and implement principles of LOCKDOWN FAILURE “preventing access failure” via the “3 OUT PRINCIPLE”
  • Recognize and understand phenomenon of “Normalcy Bias” and training relative to overcoming this phenomenon
  • Understand sensory based decision making and how it affects proper and improper response to the crisis

Curriculum includes not only lockdown training but also “lockdown failure” response principles.

Everyone leaves this training better prepared to respond appropriately to respond beyond the level of “lockdown.” They leave with the capacity to mitigate and prevail in the “worst case scenario.”

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