Security Training Information


Interactive Instructor-led security and safety training courses cover a broad range of topics.

Alliance training helps leading organizations mitigate the damage caused by security breaches and implement a complete security program. Alliance safety training has a positive impact on the morale of both employees and management, and allows the company to operate safely without compromising productivity or service. 


Security Training has a Positive Impact on the Morale of Both Employees and Management


While some basic issues are applied in all situations, every organization has its own special situations and issues. Therefore, Alliance training is designed specifically for your organization’s unique security risks. We cover areas including general security skills building and customer-specific security training needs. We combine expert, up-to-date techniques with highly interactive experiential training to maximize training impact and performance improvement.

EXPLORE all of our Security and Safety Courses.


Key Program Features

  • Training to secure the premises
  • Training to ensure a safe workplace
  • Prevent workplace violence
  • Training to secure employee safety and privacy
  • Our seminars share the insights of today’s top security experts


All of Alliance’s programs are customized to fit your organization's unique requirements. Plus, our training is 100% guaranteed. We will make certain your training targets your people and your organization's needs.