Workplace Security and Safety


To maintain a safe and secure workplace, everyone needs to be involved and trained.


These day's, crimes against businesses are increasing. Companies must to be concerned about issues such as theft of inventory, equipment, trade secrets, computer information, employee identity and money.

But it is not just an issue for the company or management personnel. Employees at all levels need to take steps to prevent theft and other security risks such as arson, vandalism, and workplace violence.

Feeling safe at work is a top priority for overall job satisfaction and employee retention. Plus, the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) requires a safe workplace. The bottom line is that everyone need safety and security training.


Who Should Attend

Small to medium-sized employers who do not have either the budget or the resources to maintain a full-time security staff for their operation. This program will be facilitated by professional security experts who know how to implement and maintain a good employer security program. This program provides practical how-to’s for real world situations.


Training Benefits

  • Meet the requirement under OSHA General Duties Clause for employers
  • Show commitment to the moral obligation
  • Control the risk management issue for the employer
  • Control costs of improving security
  • Limit customer risk
  • Create a positive impact on the morale of both employees and management
  • You will leave with a guide to implement a complete security program


Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • Learn the real impact of the events of September 11th on employers
  • Implement the nine basic security checks on external and internal facility security
  • Learn the right way to conduct background checks on current and new employees
  • Learn how to monitor your supervisors to make sure they are not creating a potentially threatening work environment
  • Learn to use the most cost effective and no-cost approaches to security
  • Understand the five check points to identify a potential problem employee
  • Learn how to implement a realistic monitoring program for potential problem employees
  • Learn the most effective way to prevent workplace violence
  • Learn how to use outside resources to test your current security plan
  • Know how to incorporate your safety and security policies for best defense against potential litigation
  • Understand the Human Resource department’s role in workplace safety
  • Develop a complete action plan for when the unexpected happens
  • Understand how the lessons learned from past workplace violence can help your organization


Your members or employees would enjoy and benefit from any of our safety and security programs.

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