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Professional Background

Bob Thurman began boxing at the age of 16, racking up a record of 86-3 in Golden Gloves competition. In 1977, Bob's interest in the martial arts led him to Bushidokan, the system of the famed karate and kickboxing champion and coach, Jim Harrison. He progressed through the ranks under the guidance (and punches and kicks) of some of the greatest fighters in the country.

Under the direction of his boxing coach, Dave Cannady, and his karate/kickboxing instructor, Steve Mackey, Bob developed a style that soon began bringing home victories, and earned him a reputation as a tenacious competitor and the nickname, “Thunder” Bob Thurman.

Turning pro in 1979, Bob fought whenever and whoever he could, building a record of 19-1 on his way to a 1982 world title fight with the highly respected World Middleweight Champion Alvin Prouder. Bob stunned the kickboxing world by beating Prouder in a fight that is still considered one of the best fights in professional kickboxing history. Bob continued to take on all comers, defending his world title 12 times.

In 1989, Bob's life took a drastic turn when his wife Betsy was shot in the head by a mugger outside a Bushidokan dojo where he was training. Betsy was pregnant with their daughter, Maggie, and Bob was suddenly faced with the possibility of losing the ones he loved most in the world.

Betsy pulled through the ordeal, as did Maggie, but Bob now saw a new direction for the passion he had so long put into his kickboxing - teaching others how to defend themselves in what was becoming an increasingly violent society. He fought the two fights remaining on his contract and retired the undefeated World Super-Middleweight Champion.



Consulting with internationally known social psychologists, law enforcement professionals--at local and national levels--and motivational specialists, Bob has designed workplace violence prevention training programs stressing mental awareness, psychological strategies, and, if necessary, tactics and techniques for surviving and escaping an attack.

Bob Thurman brings a unique combination to the field of personal protection training. Having been featured on ABC Wide World of Sports, NBC Sports World, ESPN, covered by Sports Illustrated Magazine, and appearing with Chuck Norris in "Walker, Texas Ranger", he brings a dynamic presentation to a wealth of martial arts and self-defense experience. As a result, Counter Attactics programs are dynamic, informative, and specific to the needs of individuals and organizations. Bob Thurman also serves on the Board of Directors for the International Self Defense Association and the International Association of Professional Self Defense Instructors.

Consulting with police officers, social psychologists and other law enforcement professionals, Bob has developed Preventing Workplace Violence and Personal Safety training programs that address both the physical and psychological aspects of workplace violence and self-defense. Bob felt that being able to share the psychology of threats and attacks with his clients would enable him to present a more well-rounded program than many others, and that his clients would benefit.

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