Online Sexual Harassment Training


Online Supervisor Sexual Harassment Courses & Employee Sexual Harassment Course Customized to Your Policy & Procedures


Online Sexual Harassment TrainingIn addition to Instructor-led sexual harassment courses and workplace harassment webinars, Alliance provides online harassment prevention courses. Our online sexual harassment training courses meet all requirements of state harassment training requirements including DelawareCalifornia, Connecticut, IllinoisMaineNew York, New York City and others. 

We customize our online harassment courses to your organization's policy and procedures. We provide you with complete administrative access to the our Learning Management System (LMS)allowing you to add users, track training progress, and document course completion. 

Supervisor & Employee Sexual Harassment Programs AvailableOur online sexual harassment course ares available in both Supervisor and Employee versions.

  • The Manager’s Guide to Preventing Workplace Harassment: an online course designed specifically for supervisors, managers and executives

  • It’s About Respect: Preventing Workplace Harassment: An online course designed for front-line employees.


These programs are totally customized to your organization’s sexual harassment policies and procedures.

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Online Sexual Harassment Training for Supervisors

Who Should Attend

Training designed for all supervisors, managers, and human resources department personnel. (This course meets California and other state sexual harassment training requirements)

Training Overview (View an in-depth Sexual Harassment Training Outline)

  • What is workplace harassment
  • The impact of sexual harassment and other forms of harassment
  • Understand Title VII and the state employment laws involved
  • Understanding all forms of discriminatory harassment
  • Definition of sexual harassment
  • Definitions of Quid Pro Quo and Hostile Work Environment Harassment 
  • Recognize the most common myths and misconceptions about workplace harassment
  • It's not just about sex anymore-hostile work environments based on protected classes other than sex
  • Understanding the latest harassment related court cases  
  • Tips for identifying the four sexual harassment patterns and how to put a stop to them
  • Understand how “abusive conduct” and workplace bullying are defined and how to control it
  • Mistakes managers make that can create a hostile work environment in your workplace 
  • Practical guidance regarding the statutory provisions concerning the prevention and correction of sexual harassment 
  • Methods for employers to establish the Ellerth and Farragher affirmative defenses to harassment claims 
  • What you need to do in addition to having a policy to establish that you have exercised
  • Understand your organization's policy
  • How what you need to do to make certain your policy is followed 
  • Available remedies to victims of sexual harassment in employment 
  • Practical examples aimed at instructing the prevention of harassment, discrimination and retaliation
  • Tips to avoid retaliation claims 
  • How to recognize the many faces of sexual harassment; you'll be surprised by who's actually guilty 
  • Understand the liability of harassment
  • Tips for handling the harassment investigation 
  • Pass the Harassment Prevention Quiz every manager and supervisor should be able to ace



Online Sexual Harassment Training for Employees

Who Should Attend

Training designed for all employees.

Training Overview 

  • It's about respect
  • What is discriminatory workplace harassment?
  • What are the two major categories of sexual harassment?
  • What is sexually harassing behavior?
  • What about abusive behavior and bullying
  • What is acceptable behavior?
  • How to avoid inappropriate behavior
  • Treating other employees with respect
  • Practical tips to stop sexual and other forms of workplace harassment
  • What to do as a “first response” to inappropriate conduct
  • How to report sexual harassment or sexually harassing behavior
  • Know your organization’s guidelines on appropriate workplace conduct
  • The harassment quiz you must pass



Online Course Completion, Certification, and Administrative control

These online courses are supported by our Learning Management System (LMS) which tracks and documents the training process for you. You will have administrative access to monitor the training 

Using our LMS, you will have documentation showing:

  • Documentation showing each employee who has taken the course and passed the quiz at the end
  • Verification that each supervisor has had the required two hours of interactive training
  • Certification that the supervisor has passed the course 

A Certificate of Completion is available to all learners successfully completing the course


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