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States, such as California, Connecticut and others require sexual harassment training. Maine requires that employees are “informed” annually of the company’s harassment policy guidelines.

Although some states do not specifically require it, training everyone in the organization can greatly reduce overall liability. Take advantage of our low cost training options to provide training for all employees and further reduce your potential liability against workplace harassment claims of all types.

Our interactive sexual harassment workshop provides a great opportunity to promote a culture of respect in your organization, put your company in legal compliance and create a defensible position against harassment claims.


Harassment Training for Supervisors:

The Supervisor’s Guide to Preventing Sexual Harassment (Course Overview)

In-depth Course Details are available: (Follow these links)

California Required Supervisor Sexual Harassment Training Outline and Course Analysis

Connecticut Required Supervisor Sexual Harassment Training Outline and Course Analysis

Illinois Workplace Transparency Act (WTA) Sexual Harassment Training Requirements

Maine Required Sexual Harassment Training


Supervisor Sexual Harassment Training Outline

Supervisor Course Overview

Who Should Attend

This 2-hour session is for all supervisors, managers, and human resources department personnel. 

Training Benefits

  • Knowledge of the laws, rules and regulations on sexual harassment
  • Familiarity with recent court cases and enforcement proceedings on sexual harassment
  • Know the preventative and corrective measures to take
  • The right way to handle claims and complaints
  • Enforce company policies on sexual harassment
  • Discussion and “question and answer” opportunity with a subject matter expert

Basic Overview of Course Topics and Learning Points (Detailed description)or (CA Supervisor Course) (CT Supervisor Course) (ME Course)

  • Creating an environment of respect in the workplace
  • Definitions and statutory provisions of relevant state and federal law regarding sexual harassment and other forms of workplace harassment
  • Practical guidance and information regarding how the law applies in the workplace
  • Learn the exposures and liabilities organizations face regarding claims of harassment
  • Learn how and when supervisors can be personally liable for harassment
  • Understand how “abusive conduct” and workplace bullying are defined and how to control it
  • Identify and avoid behaviors that can result in harassment claims
  • Develop and enforce guidelines on appropriate workplace conduct
  • Handle inappropriate conduct within work groups
  • How to handle harassment or discrimination complaints
  • Understand confidentiality issues related to harassment claims and investigations
  • Discover how to prevent retaliation
  • Maintain a legally defensible position on sexual harassment compliance
  • Apply your organization’s policies on harassment


Harassment Training for Employees 

Respect in the Workplace: Harassment Awareness and Prevention

Who Should Attend

This session is for all employees.

Training Benefits

  • How workplace harassment impacts the workplace
  • Learn how sexual harassment and other forms of workplace harassment is defined in court
  • Recognize and avoid inappropriate behavior
  • Handling inappropriate conduct
  • Following company policies on sexual harassment
  • Discussion and “question and answer” opportunity with a subject matter expert

Overview of Course Topics and Learning Points

  • It's about respect
  • Understanding the legality issues surrounding sexual harassment
    • Main Human Rights Act
    • Civil Rights act of 1064, Title VII
  • Know your organization’s guidelines/policy on appropriate workplace conduct
  • What is discriminatory workplace harassment?
  • What are the two major categories of sexual harassment?
  • What is sexually harassing behavior?
  • What about abusive behavior and bullying
  • What is acceptable behavior?
  • How to avoid inappropriate behavior
  • Real Case Studies
    • You-Make-the-Call Exercises
    • What Would You Do? Exercises
  • Treating other employees with respect
  • Practical tips to stop sexual and other forms of workplace harassment
  • What to do as a “first response” to inappropriate conduct
  • How to report sexual harassment or sexually harassing behavior
    • Internal complaint process
  • Legal recourse relating to sexual harassment
    • How and where to file a claim
  • The role of the supervisor or manager in controlling sexual harassment
  • Confidentiality issues
  • Protection against retaliation
  • Know your organization’s guidelines on appropriate workplace conduct
  • The harassment quiz you must pass
  • Training is documentation and policy acknowledgement 


Employers can defend against harassment claims.

View this video explaining how employers can create a defensible position against sexual harassment claims.


 Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Training Video

Our harassment training can be delivered onsite, onlinewebinar, or in a "blended" learning package depending on what works best for your organization and employee locations. All of our courses are customized to your organization's policies and procedures.  Plus, each course is tailored to meet the various state and Federal laws covering your employees.


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