Online Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Training


In addition to Instructor-led sexual harassment education courses and workplace harassment webinars, Alliance also provides online sexual harassment training for supervisors and for employees. Our online sexual harassment training meets all requirements of state harassment training requirements including California FEHA, Connecticut, Maine, and others. The California law required organizations with 50 employees or more to provide workplace harassment training to all supervisory personnel before January 1, 2006. California also requires employers to provide a minimum of two hours of sexual harassment training to all new supervisors within six months of being placed in a supervisory role and every two years thereafter.

We customize our online harassment courses to your organization's policy and procedures. We provide you with complete administrative LMS access allowing you to add users, track training progress, and document course completion. Our online sexual harassment training is available in both Supervisor and Employee versions.


The programs are totally customized to your organization's harassment policies and procedures.

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Online Sexual Harassment Training for Supervisory Personnel (Course meets all CA, CT and ME training requirements)


Who Should Attend

Training designed for all supervisors, managers, and human resources department personnel. (This course meets California and other state sexual harassment training requirements)


Training Benefits

  • Knowledge of the laws, rules and regulations on sexual harassment
  • Understand all forms of workplace harassment
  • Understand exactly what is defined as sexual harassment
  • Know the preventative and corrective measures to take
  • Identify the right way to handle claims and complaints
  • Explore how to enforce company policies on sexual harassment
  • Participate in discussion and question and answer opportunity with a subject matter expert


Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • The exposures and liabilities supervisors and organizations face regarding claims of sexual harassment
  • Identifying and avoiding behaviors that can result in harassment claims
  • Enforcing guidelines on appropriate workplace conduct
  • Handling inappropriate conduct within the work group
  • Maintaining a legally defensible position on sexual harassment compliance
  • How to handle complaints of sexual harassment
  • How to prevent retaliation
  • Deal with confidentiality issues effectively and appropriately
  • Applying your organization's policies on sexual harassment


Online Harassment Training for Employees


Who Should Attend

Training designed for all employees.


Training Benefits

  • What is workplace harassment
  • The impact of sexual harassment and other forms of harassment
  • Definition of sexual harassment
  • Two types of sexual harassment
  • Questions and answers about sexual harassment
  • Preventing sexual harassment
  • How to report a claim of sexual harassment in your organization
  • Your organization's response to a report of sexual harassment
  • Your organization’s policy on sexual harassment
  • Quizzes and a final review quiz


Course Completion, Certification, and Administrative Control

These online courses are supported by our Learning Management System (LMS) which tracks and documents the training process for you. Using our LMS, you will have documentation showing:

  • Each supervisor has had the required two hours of interactive training
  • The supervisor has passed the course
  • Printed certification that the supervisor has successfully completed the course
  • Plus, you will have administrative access to monitor the training


More about these interactive online sexual harassment training programs

The online Sexual Harassment Training is continually updated to meet all state laws, including the California sexual harassment code, and EEOC training guidelines.

Alliance Training is strategically positioned to provide clients with the capabilities and legal guidance to react to changes in sexual in the workplace harassment training regulations. The firm has a diversified national and international practice and is a leader among corporate training firms. We tailor training for a wide variety of business, financial, institutional, and individual clients in a range of compliance matters. Our clients include major publicly held multinational corporations, major and mid-sized publicly and privately held companies, partnerships, and emerging enterprises.

Alliance Training provides corporations, businesses, and individuals with training facilitators who are knowledgeable in all areas of employment law and have experience in the areas of sexual harassment policy and corporate discrimination and harassment policy development.

This expertise has gone into the development and continual updating of the Sexual Harassment for Employees and Sexual Harassment for Supervisors training programs.


Our harassment training can also be delivered in an onsite instructor-led format or in a "blended" learning package, and each course is customized to your organization's policies.

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