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Onsite Instructor-Led Sexual Harassment Seminars and Workshops

More Ways to Provide Sexual Harassment Training Supervisors and Employees

Our harassment training can be delivered onsite, online, webinar, or in a "blended" learning package depending on what works best for your organization and employee locations. All of our sexual harassment classes are customized to your organization's policies and procedures.  Plus, each course is tailored to meet the various state and Federal laws covering your employees.

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States, such as California and Connecticut, require sexual harassment in the workplace training. Maine requires that employees are “informed” annually of the company’s harassment policy guidelines.

All Alliance workplace harassment training sessions include a section on abusive conduct.

These interactive sexual harassment workshops provide a great opportunity to promote a culture of respect in your organization and put your company in legal compliance at the same time. But that doesn't mean sexual harassment training cannot be fun, Our master facilitators are experts in Adult Learning Principles. They know how to make serious sexual harassment training fun without diminishing the importance of the training or the seriousness of the subject matter.


Respect in the Workplace: Harassment Awareness and Prevention


Who Should Attend

This one and a half-hour session is for all employees.


Training Benefits

  • How workplace harassment impacts the workplace
  • Learn how sexual harassment and other forms of workplace harassment is defined in court
  • Understand the issues of abusive conduct and workplace bullying
  • Recognize and avoid inappropriate behavior
  • Handling inappropriate conduct
  • Following company policies on sexual harassment
  • Discussion and “question and answer” opportunity with a subject matter expert


Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • It's about respect
  • What is discriminatory workplace harassment?
  • What are the two major categories of sexual harassment?
  • What is sexually harassing behavior?
  • What is abusive behavior and bullying?
  • What is acceptable behavior?
  • How to avoid inappropriate behavior
  • Treating other employees with respect
  • Practical tips to stop sexual and other forms of workplace harassment
  • The harassment quiz you must pass
  • Know your organization’s guidelines on appropriate workplace conduct
  • What to do as a first response to inappropriate conduct
  • How to report sexual harassment or sexually harassing behavior


The Supervisor's Guide to Preventing Sexual Harassment


Who Should Attend

This two - hour session is for all supervisors, managers, and human resources department personnel. Another session, Respect in the Workplace: Harassment Awareness & Prevention, can be presented to employees before or after this program.


Training Benefits

  • Knowledge of the laws, rules and regulations on sexual harassment
  • Familiarity with recent court cases and enforcement proceedings on sexual harassment
  • Know the preventative and corrective measures to take
  • The right way to handle claims and complaints
  • Enforce company policies on sexual harassment
  • Discussion and question and answer opportunity with a subject matter expert


Preventing Sexual Harassment Webinar Outline

  • Overview of Importance of Training and Laws That Prohibit Harassment
    • Learning Objectives
    • Why Every Employee Should Care About Discriminatory Harassment
    • Why Training is Important 
  • Federal Laws that Prohibit Harassment
    • Understanding all Types of Discriminatory Harassment
    • State Law (in your location) that prohibits harassment
    • Discrimination versus Harassment
  • In-Depth Discussion of the Two Different Types of Harassment
    • Definition of Quid Pro Quo Harassment
    • Discussion of Who Can Engage in Quid Pro Quo Harassment
    • Examples and Discussion of Actual Cases
    • Definition of Hostile Work Environment Harassment
    • Discussion of How a Hostile Work Environment Can Be Created
    • Examples from Actual Cases
    • Requirement that Conduct be Severe and Pervasive
    • Discussion of Who Can Create a Hostile Work Environment
  • What about abusive conduct and bullying?
    • What the law says
    • Your responsibility to control abusive behaviors
    • What to do if it occurs
  • Recognizing Inappropriate Behavior
    • Verbal
    • Visual – including electronic
    • Physical
  • What Causes Workplace Harassment
    • Power
    • What about Workplace Romance?
    • Cautions
    • Actions to take
  • Liability
    • Employer
    • Personal
  • Creating a Defensible Position Against Claims of Harassment
    • Cases
    • Policy
    • Appropriate Action
  • Prohibition on Retaliation and Need for Confidentiality
    • Need for Confidentiality
    • Prohibition on Retaliation
    • What is Retaliation and How to Prevent It
    • Avoiding Costly Mistakes Commonly Made by Managers and Supervisors
  • Handling Harassment Complaints
    • Elements of the Investigation
    • HR’s Role 
    • Prompt Corrective Action
  • In-Depth Discussion of Company’s Anti-Harassment Policy (incorporated throughout the training)
  • The Sexual Harassment Quiz Every Manager and Supervisor Must Ace


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