Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace


Customized Sexual Harassment Courses Tailored to Fit Your Organization's Needs

Our onsite Sexual Harassment Training Classes include seminars designed for employees and seminars designed for supervisors. (The supervisor's course is designed to meet the requirements of California AB 1825, CA AB 2053CTME and other state sexual harassment legal requirements.)  These courses can be delivered in an onsiteonline, or in a "blended" learning format depending on what works best for your organization and employee locations. All of our harassment courses are customized to your policies and the various state and Federal laws covering your employees.

Every employer has the responsibility to provide a workplace free of sexual harassment and other forms of discriminatory harassment.


Harassment in the workplace is prohibited under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and is covered by state laws as well. Our harassment training is designed to help you create a harassment free workplace and, at the same time, help you build a defensible position against harassment claims.  


Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Training Video

  View a 4 Minute Video - Attorney Max Muller explains how employers can create a 
legally defensible position against sexual harassment claims.

Federal and state court decisions and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Guidelines make it clear that every employer must have policies and procedures in place to prevent workplace harassment.  But having a policy does not mean employees understand it or know what to do if they are being harassed or discriminated against in any manor.  Again, court decisions and EEOC guidance make it clear employers must provide training to ensure every manager and employee understands the organization's harassment policy.  Through employee training, employers show due diligence relative to controlling workplace harassment. (See the article: EEOC Harassment Statistics.)

Every employee should be trained on what harassment is and what to do about harassment if they see it happening to them or anyone else.

The Supervisor's Guide to Preventing Workplace Harassment and the It's About Respect: Preventing Harassment in the Workplace courses, outlined below, will get your organization to track, prevent and control harassment of all types.



The Supervisor's Guide to Preventing Sexual Harassment

A course for all supervisors, managers and Human Resource department personnel. This course is be delivered in a 2-hour session to meet the harassment training requirements in several states.

Training Benefits

  • Knowledge of the laws, rules and regulations on sexual harassment
  • Familiarity with recent court cases and enforcement proceedings on sexual harassment
  • Knowing the preventative and corrective measures to take
  • The right way to handle claims and complaints
  • Enforcing company policies on sexual harassment
  • Discussion and “question and answer” opportunity with a subject matter expert

Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • Understand the exposures and liabilities supervisors and organizations face regarding claims of sexual harassment
  • Identify and avoid behaviors that can result in harassment claims
  • Develop and enforce guidelines on appropriate workplace conduct
  • Understand "abusive" conduct and our responsibility to control it
  • Handle inappropriate conduct within the work group
  • Maintain a legally defensible position on sexual harassment compliance
  • Learn how to handle complaints of sexual harassment
  • Know how to prevent retaliation
  • Deal with confidentiality issues effectively and appropriately
  • Apply your organization’s policies on sexual harassment


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It's About Respect: Preventing Harassment in the Workplace

This course is designed for all employees. 

Training Benefits

  • Examine how sexual harassment and other forms of workplace harassment impact the workplace
  • Learn how sexual harassment is defined in court
  • Recognize and avoid inappropriate behavior
  • Understand how to handle inappropriate conduct
  • Follow company policies on sexual harassment
  • Participate in a discussion and “question and answer” opportunity with a subject matter expert

Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • What is discriminatory harassment
  • What are the two major categories of sexual harassment
  • What is sexually harassing behavior
  • What is acceptable behavior
  • What about workplace bullying and "abusive" conduct?
  • How to avoid inappropriate behavior
  • Treating other employees with respect
  • Practical tips to stop sexual harassment
  • The sexual harassment quiz you must pass
  • Know your organization’s guidelines on appropriate workplace conduct
  • What to do as a “first response” to inappropriate conduct

Note: This 1.5-hour course can be expanded and delivered in 3-hour or 4-hour session with the inclusion of diversity awareness training segments.


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