Sexual Harassment Training for Supervisors - California


Supervisor Sexual Harassment Training is Mandatory in California

Our Training meets AB1825 and AB2053 Training Requirements

Includes updates for the New CA SB 396 related to Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Individuals

Customized to include your Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedures


Our two-hour sexual harassment course for California Supervisors helps California employers build an affirmative defense against harassment lawsuits.

In fact, our onsite instructor-led sexual harassment training is the best way to guarantee that all supervisors understand both the responsibility and the benefits of creating and maintaining a sexual harassment free workplace.

California, along with Connecticut and Maine have been leaders when it comes to sexual harassment training and prevention. In fact, CA has recently passed laws requiring that all managers and supervisory personnel receive sexual harassment prevention training. These laws are:

California Law AB 1825 requires California employers with 50 or more employees to provide two hours of sexual harassment training once every two years. Alliance offers this training on both instructor-led and online formats. Both train sexual harassment course options satisfies AB 1825’s two hour training requirements.

California Law AB 2053 went into effect January 1, 2015, requires all California employers with 50 or more employees to include “abusive conduct” training as part of their sexual harassment training. This requirement is included in all od our workplace harassment courses.

CA Senate Bill 396 Transgender Rights provides protection related to Gender Identity, Gender Expression and Gender Transition. As of January 1, 2018, all California employers are required to display a workplace poster related to transgender rights. 

CA Code § 11023 Harassment and Discrimination Prevention and Correction defines basic requirements for employers and instructs supervisors to report any complaints of misconduct to a designated company representative, such as a human resources manager, so the company can try to resolve the claim internally. Managers and supervisors training is essential to ensure compliance with CA Code 11023.

Plus, our courses meet all sexual harassment training guidelines established by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH)

And, the training is Guaranteed! 

Sexual harassment Training for Supervisors course meets all CA AB 1826, CA AB 2053 and DFEH training requirements.


In this course participants Learn:

  • How harassment laws apply to everyone
  • How sexual harassment is defined
  • How different forms of sexual harassment and other forms of workplace harassment are classified
  • Steps to take if sexual harassment is witnessed
  • Confidentiality issues related to harassment
  • How to prevent retaliation
  • What to do if an individual is personally accused of sexual harassment
  • and More...

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High-Impact and Highly-Interactive Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

This training is designed and delivered in a highly-interactive format and has a high impact on preventing sexual harassment and all other forms of workplace harassment.

  • Instructors are highly qualified workplace harassment prevention experts
  • Real-world cases are presented and analyzed
  • Scenarios and video segments are coupled with “You-Make-the-Call” interactive discussions get everyone involved


And, the training is Guaranteed!