International Negotiation


Course Develops Essential Skills to Negotiate and Influence People from Different Cultures

This international negotiation training develops skills and negotiation strategies to effectively negotiate with a variety of cultures including European, Latino and Asian cultures.  Click here for a complete list of cultures that can be incorporated into your negotiation training.

Who Should Attend

Individuals from executive level to sales people engaged in negotiating and sales activities dealing with people from other ethnicities. It could be their vendors or customers internal and external to the company.

Training Benefits

  • By understanding the communication style and behavior of your customer, you can create a sales plan armed with relevant information
  • You will be able to understand how to flex your communication style to your customer to obtain the requirements needed to move to the next level of the sale
  • If you understand what drives the cultural behavior of your customer, you will eliminate misunderstandings during the negotiations. This course provides you clues to look for in your conversations with your customer. Example: A French man calling on an Indonesian customer thought that because they kept asking him about his family and himself he had built a relationship with them and had closed the sale. From the Indonesian's point of view, they did not want the Frenchman’s product but did not want to say no. So they kept the conversation more personal, not about business. In France, if your customer asks you about yourself and your family, it means they want to do business and build a relationship with you. But in Indonesia, it is a signal that there is no interest if business has not been discussed.
  • Determine the decision making style of the culture you are dealing with and who the real decision maker is. This eliminates wasting time with the wrong person, or believing you have a sale when the junior person signs a contract that a senior decision maker can cancel.

Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • Recall general cultural information
  • Define what culture is
  • Understand how you internalize your values
  • Recognize what creates your cultural lens and why we are all unique individuals
  • Determine what problems you would like to resolve in working with someone from another culture (This workshop gets very specific to answer participant's questions and provides direction to specific negotiation challenges)
  • Examine your subjective culture – understanding yourself, your values and your communication style
  • Analyze cultural literacy – understanding the other person's values, communication style and behavior
  • Assess case studies – based on specific culture and industry, or create your own case study based on your business
  • Understand bridging culture – learn how to create cultural communication bridges once you accept the differences
  • Participate in communication exercises (email, teleconferencing, face-to-face)


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