Interview, Hire, and Retain a Diverse Workforce


Learn Techniques to Interview, Evaluate and Hire an Increasingly Global and Diverse Workforce

Learn how to interview people from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. This seminar trains you how to interview and hire for diversity, and implement strategies to retain a diverse workforce. 

  • Learn how to interview people form different cultures
  • Develop skills to make good hiring decisions and improve diversity in your workplace
  • Learn how to interview for interpersonal and team skills with people from different cultures
  • Discover new strategies to retain a high-quality diverse employee population

Note: This is a highly interactive program. Groups of not more than 20-25 people per session work best.

Participants learn how to interview individuals from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds through interactive exercises, discussions and role plays. Participants learn how to flex their approach and shift paradigms in terms of their own cultural expectations. Throughout the session participants may ask questions and have their questions answered by a subject matter expert.

This workshop is interactive and role plays can be created to fit your company and the specific cultures and ethnicities you need such as:

  • American
  • African American
  • Hispanic/Latino
  • Asian
  • Chinese
  • Indian
  • German
  • UK
  • And More…View a list of over 40 cultures we work with


Who Should Attend

This training session is for human resource managers, human resource generalists, recruiters, managers, supervisors, and anyone who has the responsibility to interview, hire, manage, and/or retain a diverse employee population.


Training Benefits

  • Increase awareness of the business, cultural and demographic frameworks for understanding and managing diversity
  • Support managers, supervisors and human resource professionals in their efforts to respect, appreciate and value individual differences
  • Improve interviewing skills for a diverse candidate base
  • Improve hiring decisions
  • Implement tools and strategies to obtain, retain, strengthen and fully utilize a diverse, high-quality workforce
  • Be more competitive in a global economy


Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • How stereotypes and judging others can cloud our cultural perspective
  • Understand the communication style of other cultures and ethnicities
  • Adjusting your communication style to better communicate with others
  • The differences between a CV versus resume
  • How to read a CV to determine if the person has the skills required
  • Learn how to interview individuals who use a different communication style
  • Learn how to determine interpersonal and team skills with people from different cultures
  • Determining the right “fit” for the job, team and organization
  • Making great hiring decisions
  • Learn how organizational culture impacts retention
  • Use tools and strategies to improve organizational diversity and:
    • help prevent unlawful discrimination or harassment incidents
    • improve workplace relations
    • build more effective work teams
    • improve organizational problem solving
    • improve customer service
    • improve organizational performance overall
  • Become the employer of choice in a diverse community


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