Cultural Diversity in the Workplace


Cultural Diversity Training to Create a More Inclusive Work Environment

This Diversity Training explores the core cultural values and etiquette of many cultures including American, African American, Hispanic, Latino and Asian cultures. (Other cultures may be included or substituted on request.)

Today's leading entrepreneurs and human resource professionals understand the need to create a diverse and inclusive workplace that utilizes all employee’s capabilities to their fullest potential. However, the reality is that the benefits of a culturally diverse workplace do not occur without cultural awareness and diversity training.
In this interactive session, participants learn what cultural influences created their own behavior and communication style. In the process, they gain a new perspective to recognize and accept differences of other cultures. The program enables individuals to dialogue with people who have a different "cultural lens" and improve overall communication within the team and the organization as a whole.    

Using interactive exercises, the workshop promotes an inclusive environment where the Medici effect works and the benefits of more creative problem solving are realized. The skills developed in this session enable individuals and teams to reduce conflict, resolve issues quickly and achieve better results.

Cultural diversity also contributes to the bottom line by: making it easier to retain good employees, lowering costs by developing skills in-house, and developing a corporate image and reputation that attracts the best employees.


Improve the Cross-Cultural Intelligence of your organization.

Who Should Attend

Individuals and teams who want to reduce conflict, communicate more effectively, resolve issues quickly and achieve better results by developing a better understanding of their own cultural influences as well as the influences of those around them.

Training Benefits 

Participants will gain understanding and knowledge of what creates their cultural lens. They learn why men and women communicate differently, what drives the communication style of other cultures, how to resolve conflict and how to maximize the benefits of a diverse workplace. Everyone leaves the session with a better awareness of their own personal values and how their past has created their current perceptions, behaviors and communication style. They develop new understandings for their own personal growth.

Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • Subjective culture - Understanding your own values and biases, individuals will gain knowledge of their personal values and how their past creates their current perceptions, behaviors and communication style
  • Understanding privilege
  • The cycle of oppression
  • Stereotypes and judgments
  • Gender communication
  • Generational values and how it affects the workplace – tips on working with different generations
  • Conflict management (domestic and international)

Special Intercultural Training Programs and Workshop Experiences

  • Cultural Detective (over 40 cultures) 
    This is an interactive practical program on cultural effectiveness to improve success in sales, negotiations and working with multinational companies and multicultural teams.
    Objective: Participants will gain a basic understanding of culture and intercultural effectiveness. They will learn the five to seven core motivators or "common sense" of target cultures.
    Benefit: Participants will recognize strategies for bridging differences using the diversity of the team and understanding the customer. This will save time and money, frustration and possibly improve retention of diverse employees.
  • Ecotonos- A Multicultural Problem Solving Simulation
    Participants work in teams using both simulated monoculture and multicultural teams.
    Objective: Participants learn and practice cross-cultural collaboration and decision making skills and strategies.
    Benefit: This interactive exercise provides new skills for the employees and enables them to resolve issues with their peers quickly using improved communication skills. It will provide heightened productivity and an increase to the bottom line as they complete projects on time.
  • Redundancia - A powerful intercultural Simulation Conducted in Triads
    We often misinterpret a lack of language fluency as incompetence, lack of intelligence or lack of preparation.This exercise dispels that thinking.
    Objective: This tool helps participants develop skills for speaking and listening across language differences.
    Benefit: Improve communication between staff, which will help increase productivity and sales.


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