Style Matters: Understanding Personal Style – The Significance and the Impact


Training to Identify Personality Styles - Learn How to Best Communicate and Work with Other Styles 

In this workshop, participants develop a new understanding of themselves and others. They discover important aspects of their natural style – it's strengths and challenges – and how to better communicate, influence and work with other styles.

Using the DISC personal assessment, participants learn the four main types of personalities. Through personal assessments, interactive exercises, cases and practice sessions, participants learn how to align their style to improve their ability to get their message across successfully in difficult situations and influence external and internal clients.

The DiSC profile assessment inspires people to communicate more effectively. Everyone leaves this workshop with the new skills and awareness needed to develop and maintain successful relationships – skills that lead to successful people and successful organizations.

This workshop can be delivered in a ½ or 1-day formats.


Alliance Training is an authorized distributor of all DiSC® products. Various level of this program can be delivered using DiSC Classic, Everything DiSC Workplace and/or Everything DiSC Management.

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Who Should Attend

This training is for career minded professionals who want to excel in the interpersonal and communication skills necessary to build a positive and influencing image.


Training Benefits

  • Understand your personal style
  • Identify the style of others
  • Adapt your personal style to better relate to other people's work style
  • Improve communication with other styles
  • Recognize how personal style impacts goals and  stress levels
  • Improve team performance and productivity
  • Help employees respond to and manage change

Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • Understanding your personal style
  • Understanding the Four Styles
  • Recognize primary and secondary personality styles
  • Recognize the strengths and challenges of your style
  • Bragging Rights exercise
  • Opportunities for Improvement exercise
  • Developing the productive aspects of your style
  • Overcoming the counter-productive aspects of your style
  • Adapting to other styles
  • Recognizing the style of others
  • Discover how different personality styles react and respond to job tasks and situations
  • Recognize we are all a blend - avoid “pigeonholing”
  • Establishing rapport with clients (internal –external)
  • Mixing work styles
  • Flexing your style to be more effective
  • Influencing by Style - presenting ideas and having them accepted
  • Motivating allies
  • Complimenting by Style
  • Correcting by Style
  • Handling Conflict by Style
  • Decision Making by Style
  • Maximize team decision making efforts
  • Negotiating by Styles
  • Most Difficult Person Action Plan


Bring this seminar to your organization and begin applying improved communication skills immediately. Participants leave this session with a new sense of accountability for what they say, and have the skills and tools to communicate effectively with all styles and in any situation.

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