Conflict Management Training Workshops and Webinars


Conflict Management Courses

Conflict resolution skills for the Workplace.

The Alliance Conflict Management seminars, workshops, webinars and online courses are part of our communication skills training options. These sessions train participants in proven solutions to manage conflict and the conflict resolution process. These conflict resolution strategies can be used to resolve conflict disputes of any kind or size.

Conflict exists is not necessarily bad – as long as it is resolved effectively.

Resolving conflict effectively develops:

  • Increased understanding of others and their ideas
  • Increased group cohesion and consensus
  • Improved creativity and decision making
  • and more...

These interactive courses use cases, exercises, discussions and engaging practice sessions to develop practical strategies in resolving interpersonal conflict. They learn the causes of interpersonal conflict and gain a better awareness of the emotional triggers that create, and often worsen, conflicts. Participants leave these sessions with new skills for finding common ground and building solutions.

Everyone develops new understandings that can change attitudes and behaviors to minimize conflict and its negative impact.


Onsite Conflict Management Training Sample Outlines

Conflict Management: Working Through Differences
Handling People with Tact and Diplomacy
Coping and Working with Difficult People
Negotiation Skills At Work
Bridging the Generation Gap at Work
Building a Respectful Work Environment
DiSC Training - Style Matters: Understanding Personal Style
Online Conflict Management Courses 
Conflict Resolution
Influencing Others
Negotiation Skills


Learn to embrace conflict to build understanding, better relationships and experience greater personal and professional success. Our conflict resolution courses help you discover your own emotional triggers and teach you how to manage difficult encounters with diplomacy, tact, and credibility.


Alliance's communication training will give you the skills to handle any communication situation effectively.  

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