Onsite Technical Writing Workshop


Learn the techniques to write professional, easy-to-understand technical documents.


Onsite Technical Writing Training WorkshopEvery technical writer faces the challenges of making the complex data and detailed information easily understood and meaningful to the non-technical reader. Let’s face it. The facts really cannot speak for themselves. Facts must be presented. Understanding how to structure the presentation of facts and details is critical to technical writing success. In this onsite technical writing workshop, you will learn how the structure of language helps readers interpret facts and evaluate data to arrive at their conclusions. You will learn technical writing skills to present even the most technical details and data in the most easily understood and meaningful manner.

Develop skills to write technical information clearly and concisely.

This is a highly interactive training program filled with practical technical writing exercises and activities. The training introduces learners to the essentials of good technical writing, for both print and electronic formats, and provides tips for quick, clear and concise presentation of technical information.

Make complex data and detailed information meaningful to the non-technical reader.

You will learn how to use technical writing skills with confidence, gain powerful strategies for quickly organizing ideas and thoughts, and develop attention-grabbing writing techniques that will enable you to hold the reader’s interest.


Technical Writing Training Benefits

  • Understand the unique differences between the “Rules-Of-The-Road” for technical writing and other forms of writing
  • Learn shortcuts to minimize your writing time
  • Organize your material by purpose, reader and situation
  • Hold your reader’s attention so the message gets across
  • Discover ways to present complex technical information clearly and concisely
  • Identify and avoid common pitfalls of technical writing
  • Make the most of using illustrations
  • Use checklists and guides when planning and reviewing your writing
  • Get hands-on experience in writing effective documentation

Outline of Course Topics & Skills Developed

  • Know the basics of good technical writing
  • Identify the reader you are writing to for maximum impact
  • Select the appropriate organizational pattern and format for your readers’ needs
  • Develop idea generators that help break through writers’ block
  • Create a detailed rough draft that you can use in minutes
  • Learn to write definitions, narration, process descriptions, physical descriptions and instructions
  • Develop effective graphs, charts, tables and other illustrations
  • Use proven techniques for ensuring clarity and precision
  • Use the “Altitude Test” to determine your document’s level of readability
  • Know the essential page layout differences between print and electronic documents
  • Apply effective editing techniques to polish technical writing
  • Avoid costly proofreading errors

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Who Should Attend

Any professional who wants to improve their technical communication skills and be able to quickly write polished documents that are both clear and concise.


Bring this seminar to your organization and begin applying improved communication skills immediately to make better presentations and influence others in a positive manner. Participants leave this session with necessary skills to turn a worthy message into a story that is enjoyed, remembered and repeated.

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