Conflict Management - Working Through Differences

Onsite training to manage conflict and resolve differences.


Learn how to implement conflict resolution skills to build more positive relationships.


This onsite conflict management skills seminar develops communication skills to resolve conflict and helps people work through difficult and challenging situations effectively.
Simply put, conflict exists when two or more people disagree about something. Differences in opinion, communication style and/or approach make conflict inevitable in today’s workplace. These situations often cause people to be close-minded and angry. The resulting conflict can have a negative effect on quality, productivity, cooperation and the company’s bottom line.

The key is not to sidestep or fear conflict but to manage it.

Resolving disputes and disagreements can help harness the passion that drives conflict and put it to good use for a more productive, positive and less stressful workplace.   

Through practical examples and realistic scenarios, participants learn to diagnose the cause of conflict and how to use proven techniques to resolve differences, reduce the potential for continued conflict and build more positive working relationships.

In reality, workplace conflict is inevitable and training employees on the principles of conflict management is essential to the pursuit of success. This workshop teaches the most effective methods of conflict resolution to overcome differences with bosses, coworkers, customers and others.

 Do any of these points sound familiar?

  • Differing ideas, interests and perceptions create ongoing team or department conflict
  • Discussions become deadlocked or turn into personal attacks
  • People avoid situations where they anticipate conflict
  • Some people seem to always "get the better" of those around them leaving everyone uncomfortable
  • Feelings overtake objectivity leading to personal attacks and angry outbursts
  • Differences are left unresolved leading to low productivity and morale

If you answered “yes” to any of those points, this training is for you!

Who Should Attend

This on-site seminar is for employees, supervisors, managers and executives having to work through conflict to work with people.  This course is especially useful for those who must find ways to quickly and fairly resolve the conflicts that naturally occur in the workplace.

Training Benefits

  • Approach conflict as a process to achieve positive results
  • Reduce the impact conflict can have on morale
  • Lower the cost of conflict for themselves and the organization
  • Minimize the negative consequences of unresolved issues lingering on and on
  • Improve communication skills to deal with conflict at work and their personal lives
  • Create a more open and collaborative work environment
  • Improve team cohesiveness
  • Implement a solid framework for dispute resolution

Overview of Topics and Learning Points

  • Understand the sources of workplace conflict
  • Learn the four guiding principles to conflict management
  • Understand how personalities play an important role in conflict resolution
  • Identifying and understanding communication filters that lead to conflict
  • Develop sure-fire communication skills necessary for successful conflict resolution
  • Recognizing the differences between conflict management and conflict resolution
  • How to identify the possible outcomes of a conflict before choosing an approach to conflict resolution
  • How to identify healthy conflict within the organization
  • How to implement a step-by-step path that leads to conflict resolution
  • Understand which brainstorming techniques work best with groups and which work best with individuals
  • How to counter fallacies and use logical arguments during conflict
  • How to use the Socratic Method to clarify the sources of conflict
  • How to ensure the resolution is implemented
  • Using an employee attitude checklist and a personality assessment tool to identify sources of conflict
  • Learn techniques to head-off future conflict

Bring this seminar to your organization and begin applying improved communication skills immediately. Participants leave this session with necessary skills to surface issues and resolve conflict effectively for dramatic improvement in communication, morale and bottom-line results. 

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