How to Tell a Story


Learn Storytelling to Build Customer Confidence, Sell the Idea and Inspire the Buyer to Action


Practice skills and techniques to turn a worthy message into a story that is enjoyed, remembered and repeated.

This seminar teaches skills and techniques to turn a worthy message into a story that is enjoyed, remembered and repeated. This session is great for salespeople, trainers, managers and anyone wanting to improve their ability to communicate in an interesting and engaging manner.  

Tell me a fact and I will learn. Tell me a truth and I will believe.
But, tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever."   Anonymous

Did you ever prepare for your weekly meeting and realize your great new idea goes right over their heads? Are they paying attention or just looking at you? Is the message motivating or monotonous? If you have asked yourself any of these questions, this course is for you. While speaking skills cover a wide range of issues, a challenge that goes to the beginning of communication is, “How do I get the person I’m communicating with to listen to me, remember what I’m saying well enough to repeat the message, and then be excited enough to do it?”  The answer is to know how to tell a story.

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Whenever you make a presentation, you tell a story. The culture of your organization is defined in the stories of its past. The vision of the organization’s future is defined in the story you tell. Cultures pass their history to the next generation with stories, but tell the story well. Stories with passion are the ones we remember. Those that are remembered are most likely to be repeated, and acted upon.

Storytelling sells ideas, defines direction, creates images, instills emotion, enables buy-in and gives permission to act. Stories identify our culture, who we are, what we stand for and where we are going. This seminar will provide the participants with skills and tools to turn a worthy message into a story that can be enjoyed, remembered and repeated.

"A key, perhaps the key, to the effective communication of a story." 

-Howard Gardner - Leading Minds: An Anatomy of Leadership

Who Should Attend

This course is practical for executives, leaders, sales personnel, sales managers, speakers, trainers, writers – and anyone who must illustrate key concepts in a memorable and understandable manner.

Training Benefits

  • Develop your ability to use stories to communicate non-tangibles when:
    • Giving sales presentations
    • Providing superb customer service
    • Defining benefits
    • Relating non-threatening (or threatening) consequences of actions
    • Showing empathy
    • Relating to corporate culture
    • Defining vision for the future
    • Problem solving
    • Explaining new ideas for growth
  • Enhance your image as a communicator
  • Make your ideas memorable
  • Create stories for speaking, print or electronic media
  • Engage your audience and keep their attention
  • Deliver a payoff to your story
  • Ability to train others
  • Use stories to help others understand new information
  • Customize a story for specific situations to enhance retention
  • Teach others how to use a story
  • Understand what the elements are and when to use them


Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • How to plot the emotional highs and lows of a story and use suspense
  • How to create a story based on composite situations
  • How to enhance a story and retain your ethics
  • How to use specific examples to illustrate broad principles and protect participants
  • How the delivery method impacts the story and use of visuals for each
  • How to customize workbooks and worksheets – options for customized exercise situations


Presentation formats available

  • Keynote address of major points – 90-120 minute motivational speech
  • Half day or full day group session - use of short exercises to reinforce learning points
  • Multiple day story development workshop - creative, in-depth exercises by participants
  • Executive presentation consultation – individual or small group


Bring this seminar to your organization and begin applying improved communication skills immediately to make better presentations and influence others in a positive manner. Participants leave this session with necessary skills to turn a worthy message into a story that is enjoyed, remembered and repeated.

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