Onsite Presentation and Briefing Skills Workshops & Webinars


Learn skills for effective public speaking for better presentations and briefings.

Learn to persuade, compel, inform, and motivate your listeners in these presentation & briefing skills training sessions.


These courses are proven training solutions to boost the impact and success of your presentations and briefings. 

Participants discover new ways to influence listeners and practice proven techniques that bring credibility and charisma to your presentations. 

You will learn how to get your point across in the most memorable way possible, deal with questions and objections, and improve audience buy-in.

Tailored Training

Whether you are an seasoned veteran or just beginning briefing and presenting to groups, you will learn will gain from the proven insights, tips, and techniques developed in these courses.

Our professional presentation and briefing skills facilitators will work with you to tailor the training specifically for your learners.


Some of the most common presentation and briefing challenges employees face.

  • I get nervous speaking in public.
  • How can I deliver a more powerful powerful message? 
  • I need to be able to grab the audience’s attention and keep it.
  • Briefings sometimes get bogged down with questions and challenges.
  • How do I brief the media.
  • My presentation and public speaking skills need an overhaul.
  • I need to effectively make my points so I can count on the correct action being taken. 
  • Working with the media can be scary.
  • What is the best way to communicate to reduce time and miscommunication?
  • How can I quickly prepare a technical briefing?
  • What is the best way to handle a disgruntled audience?
  • How do I present technical topics with boring the audience?
  • How can I present technical information to non-technical people?

If you can relate to any of these points, our training is for you!

Our presentation and briefing skills seminars, workshops and webinars help individuals overcome these challenges and more. Our training helps employees improve their organizational contribution by developing their ability prepare and present clear, concise presentations in the most compelling way possible.  



Onsite Presentation & Briefing Skills Training Sample Workshop & Webinar Outlines

Developing Powerful Presentation Skills

Effective Briefing Skills and Techniques

Presentation Skills for Technical Topics

Presentation Skills Training & Coaching (Workshop includes profession coaching)

Technical Briefing Skills: Writing & Presenting Briefs

How to Tell a Story

Working with the Media

Online Presentation Skills Courses 
Effective Presentations
Effective Public Speaking
Public Speaking: Command the Audience
Rethinking Presentation Slides
Making Conversation to Develop Instant Rapport


Alliance communication training will give you the skills to handle any presentation or briefing situation effectively.  

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