Negotiation Skills at Work


Learn negotiation skills & strategies to negotiate successfully - 

Even with Difficult People in Difficult Situations.

This onsite negotiation skills training will provide the skills, strategies and techniques you need to succeed in any negotiation situation. Although this training is designed for the workplace, the skills developed in this seminar can be used both at work and in your personal life.

Many people dislike dealing with negotiations. This may be because they do not like confrontation or because they lack the necessary negotiation skills to be successful. Increasingly, organizations rely on team members and individual contributors to lead various projects and initiatives. This often leads to situations where employees need to influence people that they have no formal authority over. Their ability to influence others and negotiate effectively often determines the success or failure of their efforts.

This Negotiation Skills Seminar is for you if:

  • You need others to help complete tasks
  • You need others to support you and your ideas in order for you to accomplish your goals
  • You have to persuade others to accomplish results even though you are not their boss
  • You encounter resistance when asking for support

This course develops skills and techniques you can use to:

  • Increase acceptance of your ideas and ensure involvement from others
  • Be more confident and have more impact when making suggestions
  • Implement new processes more effectively
  • Improve your reputation as a “take-charge” person who gets results


Who Should Attend

Managers, supervisors and anyone challenged with getting things done through others, both inside and outside the organization.  This course is especially useful for those who must negotiate with persons outside their areas of control, such as multifunctional or interdepartmental team leaders, project managers, and those responsible for internal or external customer satisfaction. This training improves the participant's competencies for communication, developing collaborative relationships and gaining commitment.


Training Benefits

  • Develop the power to influence as you negotiate
  • Getting and making concessions to move forward in negotiating
  • Learn the real meaning of a “win/win” solution
  • Find common ground with clients, supervisors and co-workers
  • Develop consensus-building negotiation skills
  • Learn strategies to negotiate goals with others
  • Reduce the stress within working groups by opening lines of communication
  • Strengthen and develop diplomatic skills in challenging situations


Overview of Topics Covered and Learning Points Developed

  • Learn what’s different about negotiation today
  • Prepare for the negotiation
  • Understand the other side before negotiating
  • Assemble the skills needed to be a successful negotiator
  • Develop the personal behaviors required for negotiation
  • Understand the stages of negotiation
  • Identify the techniques successful negotiators use to find the common ground
  • Dealing with difficult people and difficult situations
    • Strategies and techniques
    • What works - When and how to use it
  • Know how to close the gap to reach an accord
  • Identify the conflicts that hinder negotiations
  • Fact or fiction: “Everything’s negotiable”

Bring this seminar to your organization and begin applying improved communication skills immediately to make better presentations and influence others in a positive manner. Participants leave this session with necessary skills to turn a worthy message into a story that is enjoyed, remembered and repeated. 

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