Building a Respectful Work Environment


Onsite Seminar to Build a More Respectful Workplace

Improve Morale, Increase Productivity and Achieve Better Results

This onsite Building a Respectful Workplace seminar helps everyone recognize the actual bottom-line impact each employee has on the overall performance of the business.

In today’s work environment, collaboration is the new competitive edge. It is the cornerstone to creating a respectful work environment where everyone can achieve their potential. Employees want a work environment where they feel they bring their best selves to do their best work - a workplace where they feel valued, where communication is collaborative and courteous, and people are treated with respect.

Effectively deal with rudeness, incivility and disrespect.

Being nice and improving your professional relationships does not mean you are a doormat for other people to walk all over. Sometimes the pressures of deadlines, differing agendas and constant change can create conflict and even verbal attacks. But conflict, handled appropriately, can be positive and respectful. It often requires an assertive approach – especially with some people. Being assertive means knowing where the fine line is between assertion and aggression and balancing on it.

Everybody deserves a respectful workplace. But that doesn’t mean it happens automatically. It requires having a strong sense of yourself and acknowledging that you deserve to get what you want. And it means standing up for yourself in even the most difficult situations – and with difficult people.

Keep “small” issues from escalating into larger confrontations.

Without the skills developed in this workshop, people can feel offended, embarrassed, humiliated or even bullied at work. It hurts their dignity and well-being. The result is a work environment that creates low morale, decreased productivity and low retention.

This workshop focuses on creating the kind of communication and collaborative relationship with co-workers, bosses, clients and customers that support high quality performance.

Through interactive exercises, cases and practice sessions, participants develop communication and assertiveness skills to create interactions free from negativity and potentially disruptive, demeaning and destructive behaviors. Participants discover a new sense of empowerment by learning tips, techniques and coping skills that will help them navigate through challenging situations and work effectively with challenging people.

Remember, being “Nice” doesn't mean "Doormat."

Building a Respectful Work Environment explores what anyone can do to promote and create a working environment where they can do their best work – even when the work pressures create difficult people.


Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed for employees, supervisors, managers and executives at all levels and anyone who wants to build a more productive workplace with high morale.

Building a Respectful Workplace: Course Learning Objectives

  • Define exactly what respect should look like within the workplace
  • Outline the transition points from a culture of disrespect and tolerance to “respect”
  • Identify disrespectful behaviors that can damage morale and productivity
  • Apply assertiveness skills – being assertive does not mean being aggressive
  • Understand the impact of disrespectful behaviors
  • Stand up for yourself without trespassing on the rights of others
  • Recognize the role attitudes play in promoting a respectful work environment
  • Say “No” and keep your "cool" when you are being pressured
  • Identify your needs and wants,and how to ask for them
  • Deal with conflict – coworkers, bosses and others
  • Apply specific skills, techniques and tools for changing counter-productive behavior patterns – and get what you need
  • Gain the respect of others – even those who think they are better than you 
  • Promote respect for both self and others as a foundational value


Bring this seminar to your organization and begin applying improved communication skills immediately. Participants leave this session with a new sense of accountability for what they say, and have the communication skills and tools to use tact and diplomacy in any situation.

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