Developing Powerful Presentation Skills


Learn Public Speaking Skills To Deliver Dynamic and Effective Presentations

This course makes delivering powerful presentations possible for everyone. Our onsite Presentation Skills Training develops skills and techniques to prepare, practice and deliver powerful audience-focused presentations that engage and inspire people to action.

Giving a presentation can be a frightening experience whether it be in front of a few people or a full house. The “Developing Powerful Presentation Skills” workshop takes you step-by-step through the process of developing and delivering an engaging presentation. From choosing the topic to using proper voice tone and body language, you learn how to make a great presentation. We even show you how to handle tough question and answer sessions with ease.

You will practice techniques professional presenters and facilitators use to:

  • Engage the audience

  • Control nervousness

  • Handle tough questions

  • Display poise and confidence

Learn how to:

  • Convey information in a compelling and persuasive manner
  • Leave a lasting, positive impression on your audience
  • Improve your poise and charisma during presentations
  • Facilitate through conflict, and even criticism, from your audience 
  • Develop presentation techniques best suited to you for delivering a powerful message

Through interactive exercises and group activities, you turn theory into practicable techniques that will transform your presentations. This course will show you how you can build your confidence and gain the skills necessary to address any audience successfully and deliver dynamic, convincing presentations. Each seminar is tailored to the needs and experience level of the participants.

Practice and refine new skills during your training. Alliance presentation programs offer video feedback and professional coaching to maximize speaking effectiveness. 

Plus, you will learn the proper use of visual aids to make them work for you, not against you. Know when enough is enough, how to avoid overuse, and avoid making visuals distracting from the message you are trying to deliver. 

We will even show you how take nervous energy (or public speaking fears) and channel it into powerful presentations that inform, influence and motivate others.

Who Should Attend

Executives, managers, sales people, trainers and those who want to acquire or improve presentation skills. This course will help you gain confidence and develop the skills to address any audience successfully.

Training Benefits

  • Meet the needs of the audience and exceed their expectations
  • Give engaging presentations that move people to action
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Tailor your presentation to the group
  • Make presentations more interesting
  • Engage your audience for any length of time
  • Apply tips and techniques used by professional presenters
  • Overcome the natural fears of speaking to a group

Overview of Topics and Learning Points Developed

  • Define the purpose of your presentation, clearly and concisely 
  • Recognize the steps to take in preparing your presentation
  • Select the best presentation style for your speaking opportunity
  • Enhance personal voice projection, articulation, pacing and fluency
  • Enhance personal body language, eye contact and gesturing
  • How to project control and confidence
  • Focus your presentation on the needs of the audience
  • Presentation preparation, a little-known technique to outline in less than 30 minutes
  • Identify the right tools to jump-start your presentations
  • Use the most effective presentation tools
  • Choose the best presentation tools 
  • Utilize visual aids and multimedia (without “overdoing” it) to reinforce points
  • Implement persuasive communication techniques
  • How to appear relaxed and natural, increase vocal variety, use proper movement and sustain eye contact
  • Learn to develop and use the openings that will set up the success of your presentations
  • Quickly build rapport with your audience
  • Techniques for projecting self-confidence, enthusiasm and overall persuasiveness
  • Attain the skills to keep the attention of your audience
  • Discover how to better think on your feet and respond to questions
  • Handle complex questions without getting flustered
  • Improve your delivery and presentation skills
  • Eliminate negative or distracting mannerisms
  • Understand how and when to use humor in your presentation
  • Employ tips on summarizing your presentation, without telling people that it’s time to go
  • Obtain closings used by the pros, guaranteeing a satisfied audience
  • How to use humor without offending
  • Practice your presentation without becoming stale
  • Use stage fright as a tool to be enthusiastic and effective
  • How to organize the room for better audience involvement and participation
  • Learning not to worry about what you are going to say


Bring this seminar to your organization and begin applying powerful new presentation techniques immediately. Participants leave this session with necessary skills to deliver engaging presentations to clients, coworkers, executives and groups of all sizes.

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