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Mike is a favorite Speaker and Trainer. His style is captivating and engaging. He has the ability to bring out the best in his students getting them to a higher level of competence in the fastest time. Mike has authored published articles on Presenting and Networking as well as many technical articles on Radio Communications.

With over 28 years in Sales and Marketing following an engineering career, Mike draws on a wealth of practical experiences to help his students in their quest for excellence. When you learn from “what really works” and also importantly, “what doesn’t work”, getting his students to their best level of expertise in the fastest time is what Mike is passionate about.




Mr. Bayly has generated tens of millions of dollars of high value communications systems from direct sales and sales management during his corporate career. He has worked with all levels of people from CEO/President, Politician, Sales and Marketing through private individuals with his Presentation & Communication Skills workshops. He particularly specializes with Technical & Financial organizations, Architects, Engineers, Construction, Banking/Financial.

Mike has been featured on local talk-radio shows and is a popular speaker at Chamber and Association events.
Experience Mike’s passion and you will never “wing” a presentation again. As he says “You can lose a contract with your hands!” Learn how to Present and Communicate professionally and you will be the one shaking hands with the client, not your competition.


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What others say about Mike Bayly:

“Mike, you made me and others within the Securicor Group proud as a result of your 1st class presentation. I thought your presentation was the best, as well as the most practical and well received made during the whole show."
- Robert J. Shiver, Chairman & CEO, Securicor Wireless

"I was very impressed with Mike’s understanding of communicating at different levels. It is obvious to me that he has an extensive real world experience that he uses as the basis for his approach. I have a high confidence level in people who teach from practical experience. … Mike’s seminar has been a tremendous benefit for me."
- Jerot V. Pearson, Senior Engineer, Smith & Boucher, Inc.

"I learned so much from Mike in a very short period of time. He assisted me in delivering presentations to “my” style with passion, confidence, enthusiasm, clarity and audience participation."
- Anastasia Jenkin, Marketing Consultant, Achievers Midwest

“Everything about the workshop was incredible."
- Chris Reiss, Lucas Sales