Presentation Skills Training & Coaching


Onsite workshop trains skills to prepare and deliver engaging presentations.

This 2-day presentations skills course is highly participatory.

You receive feedback and professional coaching to guarantee your presentation skill development.


The “The Presentation Skills Training & Coaching” workshop takes you step-by-step through the process of developing and delivering an engaging presentation (e.g., choosing the topic, using PowerPoint slides (dos and don’ts), proper voice tone and body language).

With individualized professional coaching, you learn how overcome public speaking fears, speak with confidence, make your message clear and concise, and improve your ability to motivate people to action. Plus, we show you how to handle tough questions and difficult presentation situations with ease. 

Because the workshop gives personalized coaching to guide each participant in the development of their presentation skills, the workshop is limited to 12 participants. Larger groups may be accommodated with multiple coaches or extended training days.     


This highly participatory and personalized Presentation Skills Workshop:

  • Introduces participants to the techniques and skills needed to engage the audience, establish credibility and convey a sense of genuineness
  • Teaches participants to learn to use their breath, voice and body language to build self-confidence and present material persuasively
  • Conveys techniques for overcoming stage fright and learning to focus in front of a group
  • Emphasizes the skills needed when presenting to large and small groups and responding to audience questions


Professional feedback and coaching accelerates your presentation skills and public speaking style development.

The workshop provides practice sessions and gives professional feedback to accelerate the participant’s presentation skills and style development.

Everyone enhances their ability to deliver dynamic, effective presentations that are clear and concise. They develop skills and techniques to prepare, practice and deliver powerful audience-focused presentations that engage and inspire people to action.


Presentation POWER Techniques are developed.

Throughout the workshop participants focus on practice Presentation P-O-W-E-R Techniques:

  • Purpose: Create engaging, relevant and attention-getting openings and strong closings,
  • Organization: Prepare an effective presentation by organizing key points into a coherent story target to their audience
  • Wow’em: Create a positive approach to deliver information that may be seen as negative – presentations that become memorable
  • Energy: Provide a more “polished” delivery of information by engaging the audience and maintaining their interest building rapport through eye contact, vocal delivery and body language
  • Reduce Fear: Overcome nervousness to field questions in a comfortable and confident manner


Video Recording and Professional Coaching

Throughout the course participants will practice techniques professional presenters and facilitators use to engage the audience, control nervousness, and handle themselves with poise and confidence.

Practice sessions are recorded and critiqued by the facilitator providing positive suggestions and tips for improvement.

Each participant will receive their own USB Flash Drive which contains videos of all of their practice presentations.

  • Recorded - Presentation Delivery – to small group
    • Individual - Coaching and debriefing
  • Recorded – Presentation Delivery – to small group
    • Individual – Coaching and debriefing
  • Recorded – Presentation Delivery – to entire groups
    • Individual – Coaching and debriefing
  • Action Plan developed with professional guidance

Everyone will be amazed at how much they have improved in just two days of intensive training! 

This training is guaranteed to improve your presentation sill improvement. Read our training guarantee.

Plus, they have a visual reminder of the techniques they have developed to continue their presentation skills success.


Overview of "The Presentation Skills Training & Coaching" Workshop Topics & Learning Points

Agenda for the Two-Day Workshop: 

Overcome Public Speaking Fears - Improve Personal Presentation Skills
  • Use nervous energy in a positive manner
  • Respond to questions – “think on their feet”
  • Speak extemporaneously – use a quick guide to make this easy
  • Clearly deliver ideas and messages
  • Clarify information through various techniques
  • Mirror others for clarity
  • Understand and adapt to various personality styles
  • Modify presentation when English is second language
  • Encourage audience
  • Compliment appropriately and effectively
  • Accept compliments humbly and professionally
What to do with your Voice, Eyes, Hands and Feet when Presenting
  • Using inflection for emphasis
  • Speaking in proper pitch range
  • Use of speed control
  • Speaking at appropriate volume
  • Variety of delivery to enhance learning
  • Pausing
  • Use of silence
  • Speak in an engaging manner
  • Eliminate of “filler” words and sounds, e.g. “umm” or “uhh”
  • Use of personal visual skills for positive results
  • Body movement
  • Posture
  • Proxemics
  • Facial expressions
  • Eye contact
  • Gestures
  • Movement
  • Replace repetitive or annoying actions with positive actions
Professionally Handle Difficult Presentation Situations
  • Redirect when the message is going off-track
  • Audience control for adults
  • Diffuse confrontational situations
  • Use of personal communication guidelines and scripts
  • Handle uncomfortable situations
  • Manage a poor presentation environment or venue
  • Avoid statements or actions can discriminate or cultural faux pas
Develop Your Presentation Skills Action Plan


Bring this workshop to your organization and begin applying powerful new presentation techniques immediately. Participants leave this session with necessary skills to deliver engaging presentations to clients, coworkers, executives and groups of all sizes.

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