Presentation Skills for Technical Topics


Training to effectively present technical information and developing self-confidence as a presenter.

Learn how to present technical information to non-technical people and groups of all sizes. This interactive Presentation Skills for Technical Topics seminar trains skills to deliver engaging technical presentations to clients, coworkers, executives and groups of all sizes.

Participants learn and practice time-tested presentation techniques that make presenting technical information clear, manageable and engaging. Workshop training activities are centered on building effective communication skills through presentation techniques, while strengthening the ability to structure presentations that flow seamlessly.

Learn technical presentation techniques to:

Prepare and structure the technical content that can be easily understood by non-technical people

Use technical visual aids effectively

Prepare yourself to overcome public speaking nervousness

Easily handle Q&A sessions


This onsite course is delivered in one, two and three-day formats.

Workshop activities include individual and team activities, training exercises, and individual coaching to reinforce the learning process in this technique-focused course. 

The training is often used by technical professionals used to their presentation skills to:

  • Present technical product release information and training user groups
  • Support marketing campaigns
  • Assist field sales representatives in the sales process
  • Deliver presentations to corporate directors and investors

Participants rapidly improve their presentation skills by creating and delivering real-life presentations, receiving video feedback and one-on-one professional coaching.


Who Should Attend

IT Professional, Engineers, Executives, Managers, Sales People, and Trainers who want to learn how to present complex technical subjects and build their confidence for public speaking.  



Training Benefits

  • Make the complex easily understood
  • Overcome the natural fears of speaking to a group
  • Always exceed your audience’s expectations
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Tailor your presentation to the group
  • Make presentations more interesting
  • Engage your audience for any length of time
  • Apply simple tips and tricks that professional speakers use
  • Help people deal with complexity allowing them to make better decisions 


Overview of Training  Topics and Learning Points Deliverd

  • Understand how presentation skills effect audience participation  
  • Understand how people communicate (what you say has a lesser importance than you thought!)
  • Understanding your audience
  • Enhance personal voice projection, articulation, pacing and fluency
  • Enhance personal body language, eye contact and gesturing
  • How to project control and confidence
  • Presentation preparation, a little-known technique to outline in less than 30 minutes
  • Present technical content clearly and concisely
  • Use presentation approaches to make complex information simple
  • Presentation structure
  • Choose the best presentation tools
  • Utilize visual aids and multimedia (without “overdoing” it) to reinforce points
  • Preparing yourself – ignore this at your peril
  • Delivering your presentation
  • Getting and keeping audience attention
  • Implement persuasive communication techniques
  • Learning not to worry about what you are going to say
  • Understand what your body language is saying – you may be surprised
  • Eliminate negative or distracting mannerisms
  • How to organize the room
  • How to use humor without offending
  • How to handle question time effectively
  • Handle complex questions without getting flustered
  • How to “close” your presentation
  • Overcome the stress and anxiety that can accompany public speaking
  • Build an action plan to enhance personal image via presentation skills


“You will be amazed at the difference this course can make! I especially enjoyed the body language and voice projection section, and the part on how to “make the complex simple.” The professional coaching I got from the facilitator really helped a lot.”
– Aaron Snedecker, Cleveland, OH

Bring this seminar to your organization and begin applying improved communication skills immediately. Participants leave this session with necessary skills to deliver engaging technical presentations to clients, coworkers, executives and groups of all sizes.

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