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Teicko Huber is from a family of nineteen adopted kids from all around the world. He learned early on about how to work hard, to be self-sufficient, and how to negotiate. He began his career as a motivational speaker at the age of sixteen traveling to area churches, high schools and conventions telling his story and encouraging teens and parents to have a positive outlook. Teicko’s journeys brought him in front of groups of ten thousand and as far away as Africa.

Teicko uses his personal and professional experience combined with his energy and passion to motivate the sales and marketing efforts of his diverse clients. When Teicko speaks, he taps into his broad range of experience to deliver engaging, energetic and relevant talks that motivate and encourage.


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Teicko Huber draws upon his experience as a nationally top ranked sales professional to motivate sales teams, to look at their selling styles strategically, and to sell tactically. 

Teicko challenges business owners and sales leaders to identify and reinforce the behaviors needed to accelerate sales for maximum Top Line Growth. His experience has provided him a thorough background in all aspects of sales and marketing for companies such as Cardinal Health, FOCUS Dx, and CustomLogo Outfitters. In these roles, Teicko has passed on his dynamic energy to help clients achieve their revenue goals. 

Teicko’s work experience has included roles as sales manager, he has been a nationally top ranked sales professional, and has a proven track record as a sales and marketing consultant. In these roles, he has passed on his dynamic energy to help clients achieve their revenue goals. 

Teicko specializes in motivating sales teams to look at their selling style strategically and to sell tactically. For business owners and sales leaders, Teicko challenges them and helps create sales and marketing organizations that reinforce the behavior needed to help a company achieve its revenue goals. 

Among his many accomplishments, Teicko Huber prides himself in his ability to sell tactically in very rigorous service driven markets. Teicko is most often asked to speak on the following topics:

  • Negotiation as part of the sales process
  • Designing a sales force -Tactical/Strategic selling -Developing a sales structure that dictates behavior -Sales/Marketing business plan design  



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