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Develop techniques to resolve conflict with others.


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Introduction and Overview 

Conflict occurs when two or more values, perspectives, or opinions clash with each other. Organizations will often feel it's effect in their ability to make decisions which leads to general confusion and contradictions. However, conflict can be the driving force behind necessary changes because it brings on a focus of what is important. It can also energize people and bring them to a common understanding and appreciation for their differences. Conflict is not the problem. Poor management of conflict is the issue. This module will help you develop techniques to resolve conflict within yourself and others. It addresses why conflict occurs and the actions you may take to minimize the conflict. It will help you understand the importance of effective communication and maintaining good chemistry with others. It will also address the importance of remaining clear on the organization’s goals, objectives, and job descriptions.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, you will learn:

  • The Nature of Conflict
  • Behavior Styles
  • Factors Effecting our Conflict Style
  • Handling Difficult Personalities
  • Resolution Tools



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