Diversity…Valuing the Human Kaleidoscope


Diversity Training to help meet your team's potential and Remove Barriers to Diversity.

Diversity training is a key component of a diversity strategy. This onsite diversity seminar provides the awareness, skills and tools for individuals and teams to communicate and operate successfully in a diverse workplace. This training helps create and sustain change that fosters a more creative, inclusive, respectful and productive workforce.  

The diversity and inclusion training provided in this session is flexible to meet the gender, age and cultural differences specific to your organization. The delivery schedule and duration of training is adjustable to meet your requirements.

As organizations rapidly change to accommodate expanding markets, an increasingly diverse customer base, and an increasing diverse workforce, diversity training has become an ongoing part of creating an effective organizational culture.

This workshop helps build a culture where employees and customers are treated with dignity and respect, individual differences are understood, and diversity is appreciated.

Through interactive exercises, self-analysis and case studies, the skills needed to create and maintain an inclusive workplace are put into action. We provide insight into attitudes that impact interactions and offer a skill set that employees use to leverage the strengths of today's diverse workplace.

We are committed to assisting employers with training to ensure a cohesive workforce and culture. As a result, organizations limit the risk of potential liability of discrimination, sexual harassment and other employment related lawsuits.

Who Should Attend

All employees, regardless of position, will benefit from this program. It provides an open, non-threatening environment for first dialogue about issues that are sensitive, yet which need to be brought out into the open. Small classes work best because they can be more interactive - the larger the class, the less the interaction.  Successful diversity training creates opportunities for sharing perceptions, experiences, and ideas. A sensitive, intuitive facilitator/trainer is the catalyst to successful interaction. This workshop is delivered in 4 or 6 hour segments.

Training Benefits

  • Creates understanding of others’ perceptions and views, resulting in greater tolerance of one another
  • Avoids potential adverse legal, financial, and public-image ramifications; saves money and saves face
  • Exposes employees to viewpoints of those who are different than they are and serves as an opportunity to ask questions in a safe, non-threatening environment
  • Clarifies particular societal terms, phrases and words, resulting in a more intelligent, well-informed workforce (who, incidentally, pass these on to family and friends, resulting in a more intelligent, well-informed society)
  • Allows all participants to examine their own biases and prejudices in a safe environment, resulting in internalized change and external behaviors
  • Develops the capacity to accept, incorporate and empower diverse human talents

Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • Learn the true definitions of affirmative action versus equal employment opportunity versus diversity - all three of these are different
  • Understand the business case for diversity
  • Learn which groups are included in the “diverse” groups; Surprise - Almost everyone is included!Culture, values, communication and the workplace
  • Use a structured instrument designed to elicit open communication
  • Overcoming stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination in the workplace
  • Defining and overcoming barriers to inclusion
  • Gain a compassionate understanding of other people’s point of view
  • Identify potential problem areas and, if requested, ideas for resolution (consultation)
  • Learn a conflict resolution tool to use in all situations and which is particularly effective in matters related to diversity
  • Create a more harmonious workforce

Note: This is a highly interactive program. Groups of not more than 20-25 people per session work best. In diversity training, it is critical for participants to express their points-of-view and receive non-threatening feedback. This is done primarily via facilitation.

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