Complying with the Privacy Rule under HIPAA


Training on HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules to Ensure Compliance

This custom HIPAA privacy rule training shows you how to build privacy and security into employment policies and practices to comply with the HIPAA regulations relevant to your industry and your organization. 

Who Should Attend

Employers covered by the rule are required to comply with the new requirements. Civil and criminal penalties can be imposed if privacy rights are violated. You will learn how to deal with the complex and confusing policies contained in the Privacy Rule as they pertain to your organization. (This course will be customized to your organization and your participants.)

Training Benefits

  • Health plans and health care providers will be able to comply with the new rule
  • Managers, supervisors and employees who may come in contact with Personal Health Information will follow compliance requirements
  • Adopt and implement privacy procedures
  • Guidelines for an individual who has been delegated responsibility, will be followed
  • Be in compliance with required training
  • Secure records containing individually identifiable health information

Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • Understand the confidentiality required for all Protected Health Information
  • Understand employment records held by a Covered Entity in its role as an employer, are not included as PHI
  • What are incidental uses and disclosures
  • Explanation of the “minimum necessary” standard
  • The rules on personal representatives
  • Who and how are disclosures made to the “business associates” of covered entities
  • What limits apply to disclosures for treatment, payment and operations
  • Marketing communication…what is it
  • Disclosures for research, workers’ compensation and public health activities
  • Required notice providing clear explanation of privacy rights and practices
  • Restrictions on government access to health information
  • Managers learn about the scope of the rule and the consequences of noncompliance
  • Understand the requirement to train employees about privacy obligations
  • Responsibility of a HIPAA privacy officer
  • Formulate sanctions for employees who violate the privacy rule
  • Discuss policies limiting access to health information and allowing individuals to see and amend their health records
  • Understand HIPAA’s relationship with state laws
  • Review the Security Standards, which are in addition to the Privacy Standards


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