Human Resources Training Information


Alliance provides onsite Human Resource Training in all human resource areas including ADA, HIPAA, sexual harassment and other forms of harassment, interviewing and hiring, firing, discipline, documenting performance and more. Relevant state and federal employment laws are covered in each course. 

Each Course is Customized to Your Organization

No two organizations are alike. That’s why Alliance works with you to understand your organization's values and culture, as well as your organization’s vision, objectives and strategy. With this understanding, we maximize the professional skills and experience of our subject matter experts to directly connect your human resource strategies to the bottom-line performance of your organization. Our approach maximizes the ROI of your training budget.

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Key Program Features

  • Learn human resources best practices
  • Human resource certification, challenges and opportunities
  • Employee privacy concerns, documentation and employee rights
  • Know the do’s and don’ts of hiring, discipline and documentation that will save you money
  • Instructor-led and Online harassment training customized with your policies



Who in your organization needs human resource training?

Here are just a few questions you might consider in helping you answer the question, Who needs human resource training?

Pop Quiz for your human resource personnel

  • What are the keys to legal performance documentation?
  • Must you pay overtime to a salaried employee?
  • If an employee is hurt on the job, do you have to pay while they are at the doctor?
  • An employee picks up the mail on their way to work and has a wreck, is the employer liable?
  • Can I force my employees to work overtime?
  • What is the EEOC definition of harassment?
  • How do employee privacy laws impact supervisors?
  • A salaried employee is absent from work for a couple of hours, can their pay be docked?
  • Do executives have to fill out time sheets?
  • Can employees be fired just because the boss wants to fire them?


What areas could training benefit your organization?


All of Alliance’s programs are customized to fit your organization's unique requirements. Plus, our training is 100% guaranteed. We will make certain your training targets your people and your organization's needs.