Intercultural Team Building


Multicultural Team Building Course to Maximize Potential and Harness the Power of Team Diversity

This Intercultural Team Building Training Seminar builds communication skills and team dynamics to improve multicultural team performance and productivity. Choose from over 25 different cultures for your intercultural team building training. This seminar is customized to match your team's diversity to improve communication, creativity and performance.  

A team is a group with not only different personalities, but also different values. It doesn’t matter if they are all from one country or from different countries. They view the world from a different cultural "filter" depending on what part of the country they were born and raised. A cohesive team can be created if there is trust and respect and a feeling of Lokahi (a Hawaiian word for collaboration, cooperation and unity).


Who Should Attend

This course seeks harmony by bringing people to agreement. It brings the values of teamwork to the participants by teaching the strengths of the differences in each individual. We teach the group that by working together in harmony and with understanding, they will be more effective as a team. This program is an important step to develop synergy in a multicultural work team. 


Training Benefits

  • As the team understands the differences from a positive view point of the other team members, they will gain more trust of their teammates
  • With trust comes synergy and the ability to concentrate on the task versus personality or personal issues
  • Building cross-cultural bridges and developing cross-cultural competence
  • By listening to their teammates, they will be able to creatively and quickly finish projects
  • There will be less conflict on the teams as they recognize what causes conflict and can work through it faster
  • Learning communication styles and values can help the team members be aware of the misunderstandings that take place in a team environment

Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • Interactive personal values exercise
  • Understanding culture and values and how they effect communication, trust and relationships
  • Communication styles – interactive exercises
  • Conflict management – types of conflict and how to work through the conflict
  • Values of American, African American, Hispanic/Latinos and Asians
  • Case study –  to learn to build communication bridges
  • Simulation on working in multicultural teams


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