Overcoming Negativity in the Workplace


Training Helps You Eliminate Workplace Negativity and Create a More Positive and Productive Work Environment

Overcome workplace negativity in this onsite seminar. Participants learn skills and techniques to improve employee attitudes, reduce complaining and griping, and create a more positive workplace. In this training session, managers learn how to confront negative employee behavior head on and turn it around. 

Not confronting workplace negativity is one of the major reasons negativity in the workplace exists.

Let’s face it; anyone can have a bad attitude. We have all experienced feelings of anger and frustration and have been challenged by work problems of various types. But it's how we deal with these feelings and problems that creates our attitude. Most managers want the bad attitudes to just go away. Unfortunately, bad attitudes and negativity do not just go away on their own. The attitudes creating workplace negativity can turn into major productivity issues if not handled appropriately.

Management training is essential. When work pressures, problems or change create feelings of uncertainty, negativity is going to surface. Often, the rumor mill is running rampant. Management needs to confront it. But many managers have not had training on specific skills and communication techniques to effectively deal with employee negativity. 

Plus, the managers and supervisors themselves must be careful of how they display their own emotions to staff. Moments of anger and frustration can end up being displayed in ways that create negative reactions from staff. The manager’s reaction to events – both good and bad – are seen and emulated by employees. Training managers how to effectively interact and communicate in challenging situations can be a key to their ability to control employee negativity and improve their success as leaders.

Do these negative workplace issues sound familiar?

  • A lack of trust is keeping morale low
  • Employees make preventable mistakes because they don’t seem to care
  • No one seems to have fun at work anymore
  • Employees spend too much time complaining and griping
  • The rumor mill is out of control
  • Employees talk badly about management, other departments, customers or each other
  • Department negativity is causing employees to request transfers or even quit
  • Workplace absenteeism is increasing
  • Back-stabbing and back-biting are creating an adversarial environment
  • People stop talking when the manager comes in
  • Employees just don't seem to care about doing a good job

If workplace negativity is part of your work environment, this training is for you.

Through interactive discussions, exercises and case studies, managers learn to communicate effectively when dealing with negative individuals, teams and departments. Managers learn how to deal with negative employees by:

  • Helping employees vent feelings and share complaints and gripes appropriately
  • Developing listening skills to understand the real issues and hidden agendas
  • Taking effective action to turn negativity into positive work behaviors
  • Applying specific techniques to control gossip and limit animosity, tension and ill-will
  • And much more...

Participants discover how to focus on what is good and help others, regardless of their position, make their workplace a better, more positive environment. Everyone leaves with new skills to replace apathy, pessimism and negativity with positive enthusiasm and winning work attitudes.


Who Should Attend

This training seminar is designed for executives, managers, supervisors and human resource personnel who need to control workplace negativity or turn around a negative work culture and negative work behaviors.

Training Benefits

  • Increase the productivity and quality of the work being performed
  • Increase employee loyalty and morale
  • Improve communication between people and departments
  • Decrease employee turnover rate by improving interpersonal relationships
  • Eliminate the underlying causes of negativity, complaining and griping
  • Reduce employee absenteeism and turnover
  • Overcome negative attitudes before they effect others and become widespread
  • Recognize and reverse organizational negativity

Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • How to better understand the current level of negativity by completing a negativity survey
  • How to identify the specific type of corporate negativity that exists
  • Recognize the causes of management distrust
  • How to develop trust between the employees and management
  • How to improve the trust of management communication  
  • Develop listening and questioning skills to uncover the "real" issues
  • How to deal effectively with the five emotional responses to organizational distrust
  • Implement a step-by-step recovery process to re-establish trust between employees and management
  • Reduce the underlying causes of employee griping, complaining and negativity  
  • How to confront the negators
  • Implement specific steps to turn negativity around
  • Handle disgruntled employees effectively
  • How to get buy-in from employees to change their behavior
  • How to establish clear expectations and boundaries of acceptable behavior
  • How to successfully deal with disgruntled employees
  • How to implement change management techniques to gain support   
  • Turn negativity and complaining around through assertive communication
  • Use positive approaches to squelch gossip and back-stabbing
  • How to improve employee morale and reduce the most common cause of absenteeism 
  • Identify and eliminate workplace negativity that leads to employee turnover
  • Discover ways to spread a positive attitude to others
  • Develop your Personal Action Plan to Implement Changes for a More Positive Work Environment

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