New York State and New York City Harassment Training


New York employers are required to provide Anti-Harassment Training to all employees.


Courses comply with both NY State and Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act Requirements.

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Courses are tailored to your organization's harassment policies and procedures for NY and NYC training compliance.

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To meet the aggressive October 9, 2019 training deadline, we offer both instructor-led onsite training and web-base webinar solutions. Both training options cover New York State Workplace Anti-Harassment Training Compliance and Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act training requirements

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The NY State law goes beyond many states harassment training requirements because it:

  • Applies to all employers, regardless of their size, who employ anyone in the state of New York.
  • Requires that new employees must be trained within 30 days of their start date.
  • Applies to all contractors who bid on NY State contracts.
  • Applies to all employees, not just supervisors. 
  • Requires that the training be provided annually.

The NYC law, "Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act," is one of the most stringent harassment training laws in the US and goes beyond the NY State training requirements. For example the NYC law specifically requires:

  • Bystander intervention training
  • Employers to generate and maintain records of all training sessions.
  • Signed training acknowledgments.
  • Employers must maintain training records on file for three years.


Learn to control even the more subtle forms of harassment. 


These interactive, instructor-led sessions go beyond the basics and get to the heart of controlling workplace harassment. 

The "Mad Men" mentality still occurs but more often organizations deal with the more subtle issues surrounding workplace harassment. These interactive sessions use real world cases, interactive discussions and exercises to help participants deal with, and appropriately respond, to those day-to-day incidents are not as clear-cut—or egregious—as the reports against Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Charlie Rose and a host of others.

Plus, too often, employees do not report harassment. They are afraid of repercussions of all sorts. This training helps participants recognize controlling harassment doesn't have to be disruptive to their career. They learn how to recognize and respond to harassment. They learn how to nip harassment in the bud and proactively take appropriate action to stop harassment before it becomes a "big" deal.

Participants also learn what to do when the perpetrator of harassing behavior just can't help but be inappropriate.

Participants leave this training with a solid understanding of:

  • Why the policy against harassment is written the way it is.
  • How the policy is designed to protect the organization and themselves individually.
  • What to do if harassment occurs and how to respond effectively to control it.
  • And, they leave with valuable information to share with friends and family - they may have sons and daughters dealing with harassment.

View Harassment Course Outline

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Take a proactive approach to control Workplace Harassment.


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